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A draft of the Italian agreement provides for a mechanism to get out of the euro and the end of the sanctions to Russia

The document also included requesting the cancellation of part of the Italian debt and the end of the sanctions against Russia

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A draft of the Italian agreement provides for a mechanism to get out of the euro and the end of the sanctions to Russia

The most alarmist forecasts within European Union are beginning to collect a reality check. The first draft of government agreement between league and 5 Star Movement has leaked tonight and contains, black on white, disturbing elements for Brussels, which has been on lookout for days with cuisine of Italian Antiestablishment Alliance. These include creation of a mechanism to get out of single currency if necessary, purpose of receiving a kind of forgiveness of Italian debt by ECB and design of a body parallel to Council of Minister to make political decisions Without going through normal channels. Both parties have pointed out that document is old. However, it's only barely two days.

The Huffington Post has exclusively published draft document, which has 39 pages and several clock bombs for future relationship between Italy and EU. In addition, among or things, future coalition shows its proximity to Russia-as it had done so many times-and calls for withdrawal of trade sanctions against country presiding over Vladimir Putin. "Opening up to Russia is not perceived as a threat, but as an economic and commercial partner. The objective, says this draft, is " immediate withdrawal of sanctions imposed on Russia" and immediate rehabilitation of Moscow "as a strategic interlocutor" in areas such as Syria, Libya and Yemen.

The denial on part of authors of draft has arrived shortly after. "The government contract published by Huffington Post is an old version that has been widely amended in course of latest encounters. The current version does not match that. Many contents have changed dramatically. On euro, for example, parties have already decided not to put into question single currency. The published version is not true to current one. " But this is not a document made five years ago. Only barely two days ago.

The draft-contract, as recorded in leaked document, starts with all Solemindad quoting both political leaders in a notarial format. In section of public finances, text contains on page 38 a request to ECB to cancel part of 250 billion of titles of state that has Frankfurt, that is to say, to freeze and to eliminate part of bonds in hands of ECB. Something that statutes of body that President Mario Draghi prohibits explicitly, but that already began to smell in Brussels.

This Tuesday, in fact, re were several warnings about future economic and immigration policy that could be carried out by coalition formed between Liga and M5S and that add to state of growing concern of markets. Away from undeterred, as on or occasions. Salvini turned it into gasoline for his anti-European discourse. "The umpteenth and unacceptable interference of unelected people comes from Europe. We have welcomed and maintained too many (immigrants), now is time for legality, security and repatriation, "he said.

In addition, draft Agreement provides on page 4 creation of a sort of committee parallel to Council of Minsitros where both parties can settle ir differences and make binding decisions. It would obviously be an unforeseen mechanism in Constitution that would break country's institutional rules. Both formations continue to work on an agreement for which y have requested an extension of one week to President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella.


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