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A family dies calcined in a Nicaragua mired in violence

The civil and family organizations of the victims denounce that the attack has been perpetrated by police groups of the government of Daniel Ortega

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A family dies calcined in a Nicaragua mired in violence

Two children, eight months and two years old, were youngest victims of violence that destroys Nicaragua. Human rights organizations denounced on Saturday that "parapolice" groups, protected by police, set fire to a family house in Managua, succumb lives of four adults and two minors. It is one of most terrible chapters of history of horror that lives this Central American country, whose crisis fulfilled this Saturday 58 days and 178 dead. Nicaraguans are shocked by brutality of attack that, according to different organizations, relatives of victims and some witnesses, reveals savagery of hosts under President Daniel Ortega.

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Some residents of building have informed this diary that fire was provoked "by police and paramilitaries" because family refused to open doors of property so that snipers would be placed on roof to attack that area of capital , erected in barricades against Ortega government. The same neighbors narrated that se groups shot m when y tried to put out fire.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which was at beginning of May in country, alerted in a preliminary report that summary executions could have been made through snipers to repress protest against Ortega. The IACHR n demanded immediate cessation of repression, but violence has heightened in this small Central American country.

The story of one of survivors of tragedy is shocking. Cinthya López denounced in a video posted on Facebook that three-storey building where he lived next to his family — and in which re was also a mattress shop — was burned by Sandinista Front's hosts. "My whole family is dead," lamented woman, who said she was able to leave building because she jumped off a balcony. She blamed government of President Daniel Ortega for tragedy. "I curse Daniel Ortega and his whole family," he said in a voice cut by weeping.

The event occurred in early hours of this Saturday in capital of Barrio Carlos Marx, some time after Ortega agreed to sign an agreement — with supervision of Church — in which he pledged to allow Commission to enter country again. Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) to investigate allegations of human rights violations and crimes reported against population. That agreement was reached at table of national dialogue, in which an exit to political crisis is negotiated.

On Saturday afternoon family organized wake of ir relatives between anger and indignation. The victims were identified as Óscar Velásquez Pavón, Maritza López, Alfredo Velásquez, Mercedes Raudez, Matías Velásquez and children Matías Velásquez Muñoz, eight months, Daryelis Velásquez, two years old. The Nicaraguan Centre for Human Rights (CENIDH) reported that a third child was severely injured in a hospital in capital.

The CENIDH blamed hosts of government, armed groups that sow terror in cities of Nicaragua, to cause fire. These "government repressive apparatuses are a criminal threat to life and security," agency said in a statement. "This crime reveals a scaling up of brutal repression of regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo [Ortega's wife and vice president of Nicaragua], with a tragic balance of 178 people murdered to date." This organization counts in 12 juveniles killed in almost 60 days of crisis in Nicaragua. For CENIDH This fact constitutes "serious violations of human rights promoted and perpetrated from state, turned into a apparatus of repression and death".

Nicaragua lived on Saturday one of most brutal days since April, when Ortega unleashed a fierce repression against a population that demanded ir departure from power. Hours after fire in Barrio Carlos Marx, it was reported that body of a man was burned, which, according to eyewitness accounts to media, died of gunfire after attack by irregular groups and police in a district of capital. The body of man was burned in full line, in a sinister demonstration of level of decay to which this country has arrived, considered until two months ago as safest in Central America.

Government delegates at National dialogue Table — of which Church serves as a mediator to find a solution to crisis — have accused opponents of Ortega regime of perpetrating barbarism. "They're shooting at our people. To tell president of this country, who is eleven years old to rule, to leave his office is not easy. It will be very difficult for se people to decide to abandon ir positions in constitutional way, which have used m to massacre Nicaraguan people, "said trade unionist Sandra Ramos, who participates in dialogue within opposition Civic Alliance. Nicaragua waited for Sabbath to end in uncertainty and fear of new violent events.


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