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A marathon of protests awaits this Thursday at Trump in the UK

The U.S. President's agenda on his first official visit to the country includes a meeting with Theresa May and some businessmen, a visit to the Queen and a trip to Scotland

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A marathon of protests awaits this Thursday at Trump in the UK

A gigantic inflatable baby, Orange and enraged, flying over British Parliament. A sound wall composed of mariachi music and children's cries. Vans parked next to Westminster Palace with message "Go Home". Protests next to Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill in Oxfordshire. More protests before U.S. Embassy in London, demonstration in center of capital, Carnival of Resistance in Edinburgh. The motive? Donald Trump, leader of free world, arrives this Thursday to United Kingdom.

Parallel to red carpet deployed as it passes by authorities, protests will accompany president's movements in his official visit to country with which United States maintains its historic "special relationship." Trump's journey, coming to United Kingdom after whipping its allies at NATO summit in Brussels, and before meeting in Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has generated an unprecedented level of mobilization in country since massive protest cal Lejeras against Iraq war in 2003.

The President himself pointed out to White House reporters, before starting his transatlantic voyage, that United Kingdom appeared to be in "some agitation." He was referring to serious political crisis, unleashed after resignation in less than 24 hours of two ministers in protest of plan of prime Minister, Theresa May, for Brexit, which shook government at start of week. The truth is that it is very likely that you will find a hectic country. But motive is him.

Trump's visit, long Amagada since assuming presidency, has aroused an unusual rejection in UK. It is officially a work trip, announced last April, after preparations for a full-fledged state trip were parked. Beyond general rejection that President produces in large sections of Europe, his unfortunate remarks after terrorist attacks in London last year, which provoked his dialectic confrontation with Mayor Sadiq Khan, or fact that Share on Twitter anti-Muslim videos made by a group of British extreme right have not helped to improve ir reputation in UK.

Last year, an online petition to prevent Queen Elizabeth II from receiving Trump garnered more than a million signatures. Opposition leader, labourer Jeremy Corbyn, asked prime minister last month to cancel president's visit.

"There is no stronger alliance than our special relationship with United States and re will be no stronger alliance in years to come," he said before May visit, for whom to maintain and strengn ties with US, to extent permitted by protectionist agenda of Mr President, it is a priority for United Kingdom after Brexit.

Travel Plan

Trump is scheduled to arrive early in afternoon to London. In evening, president and first lady will be entertained by May with a gala dinner at Blenheim Palace, to which a selection of entrepreneurs attend. They will spend night in official residence of U.S. ambassador to Londoner Regents Park. On Friday, he will visit with May a military facility and n travel to checkbooks, country residence of Prime Minister, where y hold a bilateral meeting of work, followed by a joint press conference. Finally, y will travel to Windsor Castle to meet Queen. That same night, y will travel to Scotland, where y spend weekend, predictably in one of luxurious golf resorts that Trump owns.

The itinerary of trip reveals an intention to minimize, as far as possible, impact of protests. Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, in central London, are replaced by checkers and Windsor, furr away and sheltered from protests. Still, police, which has authorized all protests, expects more than 100,000 demonstrators, convened by various entities, including trade unions and ethnic minority associations.

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