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A Porto court uses the Bible to justify aggression against an adulteress

"Adultery of the woman is a serious attack on the honor and Dignity of man," the judges say by suspending the prison sentence of an aggressor to his wife

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A Porto court uses the Bible to justify aggression against an adulteress

For Oporto High Court, beating an adulteress is understandable. This is what follows from a judgement of this judicial body in case of a woman assaulted by her ex-husband and her mistress. "Woman's adultery is a very serious attack on dignity of man." In Bible we can read that adulteress must be punished with death, ' notes court ruling that confirms prison sentences, and suspension of m, which anor court had imposed.

The tax ministry had resorted to Superior of Oporto sentence of a lower instance by suspension of penalties against two men who, in 2015, attacked one who had been his wife and his mistress. The woman became kidnapped by latter, who called ex-husband to confront her toger. In aggression y used a hammer with skewers. The Court of first Instance condemned m for domestic violence. The ex-husband to one year and three months in prison and to indemnify victim with 1,750 euros; The ex-lover with one year in jail and 3,500 euros of fine. But he left in suspense sorrows.

The judges of Superior of Oporto insist on arguments of previous court and recall texts of Bible, of Penal Code of 1886 and with civilizations which punish adultery of woman with death penalty. "Not long ago that criminal law punished with a little more than symbolic of man who, believing his wife in adultery, kills her ...", wrote judges Neto de Moura and Maria Luísa aranes. With se references it is intended hardly to emphasize that adultery of woman is a behavior that society always condemned and strongly condemns (and it is honest women first to stigmatize adulterous) and for that reason y see with some understanding violence "Exerted by man betrayed, vexed and humiliated by woman".

And y continue to justify aggression: "It was disloyalty and sexual immorality of woman that made defendant [in this case ex-husband] fall into deep depression and was in that depressive state that practiced act of aggression, as well was considered in judgment appealed" .

The judgement of 11 October, but which has come to light now, has aroused vigorous criticism from women's rights organizations and also from several judicial entities.  Elisabete Brazil, of Union of Women Alternative and Response (UMER), has reacted by recalling that "many times judicial decisions still translate a moralistic society", and brand sentence of "retrograde and sexist." The Bar Association has considered sentence a violation of Constitution.


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