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A rape in shock Chile group

A 28-year-old woman reported being raped on Sunday by a group of men dressed as fans of the University of Chile

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A rape in shock Chile group

After controversial ruling on herd in Spain installed in Chile a climate especially sensitive to violence macho, a case of gang rape has shocked South American country. A 28-year-old woman reported that she was raped on Sunday by a group of men dressed as fans of University of Chile, just after match football team played against University of Concepción. The victim is admitted to a state of shock in a clinic in eastern part of Santiago and identity of abusers is unknown, although police are studying recordings that recorded aggression.

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The attack occurred in vicinity of metro station Ñuble, near national Stadium of Chilean capital, in municipality of Ñuñoa, where re was sporting event that ended around seven and a quarter of afternoon. The group of five men took ir victim to a nearby square to rape her and steal some of her belongings, like motive. The woman managed to get to her home, where she told her husband what happened, that she immediately took her to a health centre.

The case is in hands of public Ministry of Ñuñoa, who was unable to interrogate victim immediately, due to state of shock that remained after attack. The first investigations have been in charge of 35 ª police station of sexual offences. "At moment of descending from Ñuble Metro, when heading to his home, woman is surrounded by a group of individuals from a particular football team [that of University of Chile]," said Captain Lisette Doubeoubril. "The victim said that three of se individuals would have intimidated her with a knife, pest repeller continuously to a place away from public light, where y would have proceeded to subtract her cell phone and n sexually abusing her," police added.

The Minister of Women and Gender equality, Isabel Plá, condemned facts. "We will do all necessary actions for all women to feel protected," said secretary of state, who announced a focused job with Metro officials to prevent such abuses, which, as minister said, are not isolated within of network and its surroundings.

The official bar of football team University of Chile, those of bottom, repudiated group rape: "We won't tolerate that cowards of that kind dress our shirt. If y were in fact fans of U, know that we will find m, "said in a statement followers of this sports team, one of most popular in country. "We express our total support and solidarity to victim and ask for forgiveness in name of U-fans (...) If y were not blue fans, we condemn fact in same way, because we believe in a club and a bar more respectful and inclusive with women, without any violence against female gender, neir physical nor psychological. We will continue to fight for our comrades and all women to be respected and never to happen again! "indicate those below.

Faith of Errors

In a first version, this newspaper reported that both victim and her husband were of Argentine nationality. This record had been previously confirmed, afternoon of this Tuesday, by Department of Communications of Carabineros de Chile. The consul general of Argentina in Santiago, Rodolfo Norton, however, clarifies: "The information we receive from Chilean institutions is that victim is not Argentina, which does not take matter seriously." According to newspaper La Tercera, East Regional prosecutor's office reported that victim is a Chilean national.


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