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A professor against veteran Erdogan

The candidate Centroizquierdista Muharrem Ince faces the Turkish president and could force a second round in the Sunday presidential

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A professor against veteran Erdogan

Tired of losing election after election with a quiet and honest candidate but without charisma, Republican Party of people (CHP) has decided to play with same weapons as President Erdogan and has designated as presidential candidate Muharrem Ince, a Eloquent deputy of populist tendencies who has risen as foam in polls, becoming hope of opposition to oust veteran Islamist president.

The son of a truck driver, Ince (Yalova, 1964) taught physics at institutes in his hometown and served as spokesperson for local football team and provincial president of Atatürkist Thought Association. Since obtaining his seat as a member in 2002, he has not lost it and in Parliament he has distinguished himself as one of fiercest scourges of government.

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In his campaign acts he sings and dances folk dances. He drives tractors and rides a bike. He is interested in crops and he pruning fruit trees if necessary, in order to prove that he is a "man of People".

But, above all, what has dazzled his followers has been his direct language, his scathing criticisms and his quick answers to questioning of his adversary. On stage, it is sometimes shown as a charismatic speaker, ors as teacher who is: it extends maps or projects videos and explains to its students-followers reason for problems such as inflation or price of oil. So much so that he has put Erdogan on defensive for first time since he has acceded to power. "He is a tired man and is alone, has parked his dreams," said Ince of president in one of his last rallies, which brought toger nearly half a million people in Izmir and promised that his government will articulate on three axes: peace , economic growth and equitable sharing. "If I win, re will be no losers. Not even Erdogan will lose. Because inflation will be reduced, national income and even former president's pension increase. "

According to company Demoscópica SONAR, Ince has thus become most valued leader of left since decade of 1970, when Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit led Turkish social democracy to highest levels of support that has ever known: 41.4% of Votes. Not in vain, during campaign, search for information on Ince on Google from Turkey has surpassed those on Erdogan. "Ince has brought a new air. People complained that re was a lack of political alternative and now with Ince has hope, "explains to country his fellow banker, Özcan Purçu:" Even voters from or parties tell me y love Ince, for how he responds to Erdogan. The Turkish citizen likes this type of candidate, who shouts, who responds. Tayyip Erdogan also did it at time, now it's Ince's turn. "

A sign that ruling side fears unifying power of opposition candidate are attacks it has received: Photomontages have been created dancing inside a mosque and has even been rescued an old book of poems of deputy of CHP labeled "Erotic By Islamists because re are words like boobs and masturbation in him. Ince's response to this last attack has been to urge Erdogan to ask about sex toys that his son-in-law and Energy minister, Berat Albayrak, ordered online according to some emails hacked and filtered to press.

The candidate silenced

"Sister Meral, save us!" The graffiti looks on wall of a shack about to be engulfeded by outrageous construction of new housing and skyscrapers in neighborhood of Bomonti. Sister Meral is candidate mere Aksener, right-wing good party (IYI part) and anor of opponents who have stood up to Erdogan in se elections.

Although women are represented on public scene in Turkey, Eurasian country can be proud of being one of first in world to have a head of government: Tansu Çiller (1993-1996). In his own party, Centroderechista DYP, Aksener, who achieved anor milestone: was first woman to occupy Interior portfolio (1996-1997). And although for many Turks that is a time that better to forget, by rampant corruption, dirty war and political instability, Aksener was shown as a leader who was not shaking his hand if he had to dismiss a police chief or cope with whim He's a coupe for military.

"She looks at her as a woman with authority and so compares her to Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher). But at same time it presents a human face and people trust it because it transmits sincerity. That's why y call her a mere sister or mere mor, "describes Gökmen Özdal, provincial chief of IYI, in an interview with country.

After passing through government, Aksener made a career as an MP in ultranationalist MHP party until two years ago he led a rebellion against his leader in protest over his rapprochement with Erdogan. She was expelled from training, but created a new party that came to get more than 20% support in some polls. An important part of ir electoral proposals focus on supporting women so that y can join world of work and start campaign as a favorite to move to a second round (among youngest ir intention to vote exceeded 50%). But it has been virtually silenced by media, knowing that it could wrest support from Erdogan. The rise of Ince has done rest and polls are already far from head.


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