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'A single needle can make it down to childhood vaccines'

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'A single needle can make it down to childhood vaccines'

researchers note that vaccines that are injected with a single needle that are kept in a time capsule set in body of a method that will allow mice to enter body and when time comes tried. According to findings published in journal Science, in mice this method gave desired result.

researchers note that this is applied to humans, if children around world, says that doctors and parents would make job significantly easier. Children with hepatitis, chichewa, such as a large number of measles should be vaccinated.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) method developed by researchers at vaccines are injected into body structures such as miniature coffee cups. In experiments on mice, scientists have ability to dissolve in body within se structures any time and it allows you to enter into circulatory system of vaccines.

3 separate experiments, vaccine 9, 20, and 41 days after he was involved in circulatory systems of mice. Hundreds of scientists, day after y were soluble structures. Prof. Robert Langer of mit, this research is very exciting, especially difficulty in conducting regular vaccination programs in developing countries, fact that all vaccines made with a single needle was very important said.Researcher Dr. Kevin McHugh, also with not being vaccinated in developing countries stressed that re is a big difference between being vaccinated all at once.


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