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AAE Emiri of the Gulf to the conquest of Rome: Qatar buys Palazzo Capraa and Emirates move to Porta Pia

Palazzo Caprais is, or was, since it has moved in front of it, the headquarters of the state's major defense. And the Embassy of the Emirates ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 12:33 - 34 reads.

AAE Emiri of the Gulf to the conquest of Rome: Qatar buys Palazzo Capraa and Emirates move to Porta Pia
Rome -Qatar on one hand; Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Bahrain on or. The challenge among Gulf emirs has widened to whole of Europe, and does not overlook any sector. A battle is fought to conquer hearts, minds but also portfolios of European countries. Germany, France Great Britain but also Italy are strategic to support one part or or. At moment in Italy Qatar seems to have scored best shots. The Emir Tamim has just given way to acquisition of 49% of shares of Meridiana airline. And fact that Emirates with Etihad have abandoned Alitalia after years of bad management weighs in favor of Qatar. The Emirates continue to seek political support of Italy: In summer UAE embassy has widened and has moved from a narrow and tortuous street of Parioli in Piazza della Croce Rossa, next to great umbertine palaces of state railways and Ministry of Transport. Inaugurated in pump Magna, embassy sparkles in Roman night, illuminated daily with white spotlights but Qatar prepares anor surprise shot: ir Embassy of Qatar will move from an anonymous villa to Nomentano in a large historic building of via XX September. It is not a building whatsoever: it is Palazzo Capraa, only until a few weeks ago seat of state more defense. It rises right next to Palazzo Baracchini which is building where office has same minister of Defense. The state's greatest defense has moved in front, to Army Palace, because in turn army has found house in new complex of Centocelle. Palazzo Capraa refore had remained free, and ambassador of Qatar quickly made him buy it to his state. There are more than 100 rooms in Palazzo Caprais. But as everyone understands re is also an incredible symbology: The small Qatar, besieged by brors of Gulf, has been placed under protection of Italian defense. Indeed, in next building.


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