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AfD: Petry on suspicion of data misuse

A download from the Member Directory allowed the AfD Federal office to Trim: the author was the ex-party chief. The insured to have deleted everything.

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AfD: Petry on suspicion of data misuse

The suspicion weighed heavily: in mid-September, employees of AfD Federal office registered a download from party's approximately 26,000 records-wide member file. Previously, n federal chairman Frauke Petry had logged in. It was followed by Bundestag election, Petry waived a seat in AfD Bundestag group. A few days later, she appeared in party's dispute. In Saxony, y were charged with charges for perjury, which concerns ir statements in connection with Landtag election.

Petry now knows that she is planning a new political project for which she wants to attract as many people as possible. That made leading AfD politicians skeptical. When download was detected, initial suspicion of a data protection violation occurred. "The fact that it has pulled down a large amount of data is unacceptable," says AfD-Federal spokesman Jörg Meun time online. In a conference call, participating members of Federal Executive Board agreed to entrust party's data protection officer with an audit and to threaten legal action in event of a breach of data protection. A formal decision on this, as reported by stern, did not exist according to information of several federal board. Nor to sue Petry.

That Petry could have targeted database in order to advance her project, "is speculation, but not unthinkable," says federal vorstandsmitglied Georg Pazderski time online. "If I were to plan such a thing, I would in any case try to come up with legal means of personal data." Basically, federal Presidents have access to entire Members ' system in "Party manager". The fact that n federal President logged in was not unusual, says Pazderski. The fact that member data was downloaded is unusual and "a rare process". Also Meun says, "The question can be asked, why Petry looks at data and n downloads it ten days before leaving." And as a party leader, Petry should not have data. Petrys spokesman replies, even if it were a rare process, "it still remains a completely legal access".

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At present, however, nobody officially sees any need for action. Because Petry has requested opinion of party's data protection officer to confirm at end of September what employees of Federal Office had noticed. She said, "she was in party manager, but she deleted data after that," says Pazderski. Meun and Petrys speakers confirm this.

However, warning is based only on assurance that Petrys has deleted data. Meun reserves furr steps if data is still available at Petry and would be used outside AfD. "Should an abusive use be demonstrable, we would sue," he said. Petrys spokesman rejects suspicion: accusation that she wanted to continue working with data did not meet. Petry now threatens with lawyer: Should AfD not make it clear that re will be no lawsuit against Petry, "legal action is examined".


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