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After the Weinstein case, denunciations of harassment or aggression are directed at the American media

A list of journalists or men of influence in media began to circulate among American journalists.

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After the Weinstein case, denunciations of harassment or aggression are directed at the American media
The Weinstein case has freed floor. In United States keywords MeToo, MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse, denounceallpigs followed revelations of new York Times and new Yorker. They found ir replica around world with balancetonporc and MoiAussi in France; YoTambién, Spain; Quellavoltache and AncheIo in Italy; or ichauch in Germany.

The next target could be American media world. Doree Shafrir, of Buzzfeed, said on Thursday, October 12th, that after revelations concerning Hollywood producer, a file entitled shitty media Men (The guys in media) began to circulate among women journalists.

This file lists journalists and men of influence in media accused of "flirting", sending "invitations for a bizarre lunch". For ors, charges are more serious, it is about harassment, aggression, or rape.

What To Do With shitty Media Men? Https:// Https://

— BuzzFeedNews (@BuzzFeed News)

"With Weinstein case," "There is a mass effect, which frees word and makes it possible to show names of people accused of harassment," Welcomes Lauren Bastide, journalist and spokesperson of collective take "one", which mobilizes against sexism In media.

The corporatism in question

Among journalists implicated, some work at new York Times, Wall Street Journal, new Yorker, Mor Jones or Buzzfeed ... So many publications that covered charges against Harvey Weinstein or those concerning Donald Trump, charged with filthy during 2016 campaign.

The Twitchy conservative site did not fail to implicate Buzzfeed: Why does Buzzfeed not apply same standards of journalism to this document as to Trump file? Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed, explained that site had published [ latter] because this report was widely disseminated. However, according to Buzzfeed, this list is widely disseminated. »

Doree Shafrir, for its part, recalls "warning" accompanying dissemination of this file: "This document is only a collection of allegations and rumors." Don't take it for cash. If you read something about a man you're friends with, don't panic. The names of those who are accused of physical sexual abuse by several women are highlighted in red. »

A counterproductive approach for some

However, Doree Shafrir questioned scope of this file: "Not all journalists access it, especially if y are young, from diversity or without contact in media community." It is necessary to manage, knowing that media are, like Hollywood, based on creation of a network ... »

What is purpose of this list, also asks Erin Gloria Ryan of Daily Beast? "Is it meant to claim justice or to serve as catharsis?" As it is, it makes no solution. The journalist believes that women who are victims of harassment or abuse must go to justice. If case is criminal in nature, police must be addressed. In context of work, human resources department must be addressed.

Lauren Bastide recalls that in general, " word of women is questioned, when it is not ir behaviour that is implicated, with risk of losing her job".

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Reaction in France

In France, too, word of women journalists is released, as tweet by Giulia Foïs, a journalist in France Inter, shows on Saturday:

A red chief, Big radio, little hallway, grabbing me by throat: "Someday I'm going to screw you, wher you want it or not" balancetonporc

— Giulia_Fois _ (@Giulia Foïs)

In aftermath, collective Twitter account take "one" decided to publish "testimonials balancetonporc on media with source (Twitter account) identifiable". "Harassment is not just in media," regains Lauren Bastide. But with Weinstein case, women journalists are in a role as a witness, as a bystander and as a victim, in editorials where management positions are occupied by men. »

The collective has published a text recalling paradox of this situation. "The land was marked, with call, in 2015, of women journalists [grouped in collective Bas Les Paws] responsible for covering policy that denounced sexism of some elected officials and politicians," adds spokesperson.

To go furr, let us take "one" encourages "all editorials to create, in agreement with ir Human Resources directorate, a structure for collecting se testimonies safely, without putting women at risk" and recalls that a " "How to protect mselves is filing of a complaint".

The collective is finally calling for editorials to fight against gender-based violence in ir midst, every day, and on November 25th in particular.


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