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Alfonso Guerra: "In Catalonia there is a coup d'etat; Can not negotiate with coup "

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Alfonso Guerra:

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The former vice-president of government Alfonso Guerra has warned today that in Catalonia re is a coup and it is necessary to "act" against those responsible: "You cannot negotiate with coup," he said.

In a zero-wave interview, historic socialist leader has claimed his party to vote in favour of implementation of article 155 of Constitution to reinstate legal order in Catalonia.

"The PSOE has to vote in favour" of article 155, he said. Guerra has wondered what kind of Democrat defends constitution but not its article 155, because, it has considered, it is an "instrument" of democracy in defense of rule of law. It has also put or "instruments" at level as articles 8 or 166.

However, he indicated that it would seem "fatal" that government did not apply article 155 taking advantage of "absolute majority" in Senate, so it is not worth "look" at PSOE, because it "does not need anyone." But, apart from that, " PSOE has to vote in favour," he remarked.

"People are shocked by police charges because y are mentally still living in dictatorship." The State only uses its legitimate force, "he has ensured war, while criticizing president of government, Mariano Rajoy, because he" does not know how to make decisions. "

However, he also believes that PSOE should withdraw request for reprobation of Vice-President of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, for police charges of 1-O.

He indicated that Catalonia is a "coup d'etat" as it happened on February 23, 1981. Then, he recalled, "all" went to "great demonstrations against," but now y "put ir eyes on police." "But what is this?" he questioned.

"But what is this?"

"Failing vice president and not coup ...;" Man, some ' papanata ' will say I'm defending vice president. No, I'm defending socialist deputies who have to put accent where y have to put it, in coupes, as king did yesterday, without slightest concession. "Democrats have to try to win that battle," he explained.

"The PSOE, in my personal opinion, should withdraw that motion of reproach, to change it by a reproach to Puigdemont, to Junqueras, to Forcadell, that is what I would have to do, and not distract people," he remarked.

For war, " government does not just make decisions, president does not know how to make decisions, he cannot be leaving things to rot," but it must be "avoided"; and encouraged Mariano Rajoy to appear in Congress before next week. "And ors have to help and not divert attention to a police charge or vice president," he added.

"Everyone here tears garments for a police charge," he said during interview, after pointing out that France has been with army in street for a year, in a state of alert, and no one doubts its democracy.

About King's speech last night, he said that he found it "impeccable" and that what he did "was just what he had to do."

With regard to wher Constitution should be reformed after resolving this situation with Catalonia, he stressed that every time a concession has been made to Catalans it has not served to "placate" ir independence aspirations.

"We may have to consider a new structure of state," suggested Guerra, who has warned that in Catalonia it has been developing a "prefascist movement" for years, result is nationalism.

#AlfonsoGuerraEnOndaCero: "In Catalonia, y have been developing a prefascist movement for years." Stefan Zweig already warned of nationalism. #1Octpic.

? More than one (@MasDeUno) October 4, 2017

He has advocated dissolution of Mossos because y did not act as it was. He has insisted that it is necessary to be "hypocrites and have a face" to see that in Europe y are concerned about police charges and not because re is a policeman-in allusion to Mossos-who "does not comply with orders of a judge, that is worrying."

The crisis in Catalonia has also referred to PSOE's deputy and former president of Castilla-La Mancha, José María Barreda, who is inopportune to reproach Sáenz de Santamaría for 1-O police action.

Barreda has criticized that no one has asked from direction of PSOE to Socialist parliamentarians on this initiative.

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