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All the men of President Xi

The new members of the Standing Committee have been selected, for the most part, as men of the President's Trust

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All the men of President Xi

Seven men. All over 60 years old, all dressed in black suit and red tie. All in an Indian row, on a stand, looking at press. All but one, Chinese president and Secretary general of Communist Party, Xi Jinping, who from a lectern greets journalists, speaks comfortably and exposes priorities for next five years of this new standing Committee. Although this organ is highest of hierarchy in party, everything points to that, in front of great Chinese leader, rest of members will be in very second level.

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By age, none of m will remain in committee beyond 2022, when next party congress is held, so y cannot happen to Xi. In addition, five new members who joined organ this Wednesday to join Chinese president and Prime Minister Li Keqiang at head of regime, have been elected to be trusted people of chief of State.

These are men who will surround Xi when making decisions over next five years:

Li Keqiang. 62 years. The Prime Minister is only one, with secretary general, who repeats his mandate in Committee. Although in principle he came to office to deal with economy of country, as had happened with his predecessors Wen Jiabao and Zhu Rongji, has been losing powers in that field in favor of president.

Li Zhanshu. 67 years. He is one of most trusted men of Xi Jinping, his confidant and his personal friend. At head of party's General office, he has so far played role of Chief of President's cabinet. He has been governor of province of Heilongjiang, in norast, and secretary general of party — a higher rank than governor — in Guizhou Province, in south.

Wang Yang. 62 years. So far he has been vice prime Minister, with competences on agriculture, and has played an important role in development of campaign for eradication of poverty, one of projects to which Xi is most important. With a reputation as a reformer, he has been reference man for negotiations with United States on economics and trade.

Wang Huning. 62 years. He's regime orist. He has advised three presidents — Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Xi himself — on how to express his concepts and his political philosophy. He has forged his career in Beijing, in central administration, which is an exception among his peers: usual thing is that in order to reach highest echelons of power, officials have previously demonstrated ir ability to manage a province.

Zhao Lehi. 60 years. He will be new head of Central Commission for Research and discipline, body in charge of anti-corruption campaign. In this position he will replace Wang Qishan, man who during previous five years was one of great supporters of Xi. So far he was responsible for party's organization department, a key position: he was in charge of assigning officials. A former party leader in Shaanxi province, he is a staunch ally of Xi.

Han Zheng. 63 years. He is general secretary of party in Shanghai, a position that has traditionally always led to a seat in Standing Committee.

The party's Central committee named Wednesday also new Politburo, second power organ, of 25 members and where y could be found for future possible successors of Xi. At least 15 have links close to Chinese president.

Among new admitted in Politburo is Chen Miner, considered great protégé of Chinese president. Chen, 57 years old, has recently been appointed General secretary of party in great city of Chongqing to replace Sun Zhengcai, disgraced and previously conjectured that it could have been a possible replacement of Xi.

Ding Xuexiang. 55 years. He's one of most trusted men in Xi. He is expected to take over from Li Zhansu in front of party's General office and become president's chief of staff.


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