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An ambassador of Mexico hid a million dollars in a bank of Andorra

The former president of the Congress Arroyo Vieyra charged in the Principality of a firm of lawyers

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An ambassador of Mexico hid a million dollars in a bank of Andorra

The ex-president of Congress Arroyo Vieyra charged in Principality of a firm of lawyers

The ambassador of Mexico in Uruguay, Francisco Agustin Arroyo Vieyra, hid for several years, $ 1.2 million (1.1 million euros) in an account of Private Banking d'andorra (BPA), according to internal documents of this entity that has had access to THE COUNTRY. The diplomat, who belongs to ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), claimed in deposit of Principality of Andorra of a firm of lawyers of Mexico City. Arroyo Vieyra, who was president between 2012 and 2013 board of Directors of Chamber of Deputies, acknowledging payment says that it was for a job that, he says, may not disclose and added that it was “a mistake” to collect funds in Andorra.

expand photo Certificate of compliance (compliance) of Private Banking d'andorra (BPA) where he mentions ambassador of Mexico in Uruguay, Francisco Arroyo Vieyra. THE COUNTRY

The BPA was an entity that operated in 2015 by andorran authorities, and its principal officers were prosecuted for corruption after U.S. warning that drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia, and large companies, as construction company, brazilian Odebrecht, used financial institution to launder money and to pay kickbacks to politicians in Europe and America. Since n, BPA has become vertex at end of different scandals. Andorra ended with banking secrecy of past year.

A quarter of a century in heat of PRI

The ambassador of Mexico in Uruguay, Francisco Arroyo Vieyra, has been chained for public office for more than a quarter of a century in heat of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Since I was elected to parliament in 1991, this degree in Law is 58 years old born in León (Guanajuato, Mexico) is handled well among levers of power. Has been deputy local and federal senator. And on way, he has occupied presidency of board of Directors of Chamber of Deputies (2012) and has worked as a consultant of Secretariat of Promotion of Guanajuato.

With 15 years, politician landed in juvenile branch of PRI, National Movement of Revolutionary Youth (MNJR). From this springboard, he started a successful career in training. He was secretary of legislative action of party, president of conference of coordinators, parliamentarians, and pre-candidate to govern Guanajuato.

Exlocutor radio, newspaper columnist, actor –played a priest in ribbon of which he was producer Concealed Moon (2010)-, Arroyo Vieyra has two hotels in State of Guanajuato. "I am a man with resources that generate resources to live with dignity. I have a sheet of clean life and honest," stresses ambassador in a telephone conversation with this newspaper.

The entry in name of Arroyo Vieyra proceeded in law firm of mexican chairs Peter Raymundo Salinas Arrambide, according to internal documentation of BPA. The ambassador and attorney attributed money to a legal work y developed toger. The account was opened between 2011 and 2012 and remained operational in name of politician of PRI for at least three years. Arroyo Vieyra ensures that, after closing vessel, regularized ir situation and stated ir income to mexican Hacienda.

records of internal and confidential to Compliance Department (Compliance) of BPA detailing operation under a heading entitled " Application for opening of Account of PEPs, politically exposed persons, which is term used by banks to refer clients with public office. The document explains that Peter Raymundo Salinas Arrambide (Mexico), managing partner of Salinas Arrambide and Associates, “you have a pending payment corresponding to its activity of about 3.000.000 USD (2.5 million euros)". This money, according to him, "could justify it and document it without any problem.”

And he added: “Seeks to redeem it by means of two transfers to two accounts that we aperturaría, a to her name for an amount of 1,800,000 USD (1.5 million euros) and anor in name of Francisco Agustin Arroyo Vieyra for $ 1,200,000. According to Mr. Salinas, mr. Arroyo is an associate of firm, although not stated in constitutive Act. The problem is that Sr Salinas (mistake editor name -) is president of board of Directors of Chamber of Deputies, although it appears to us that margin of his political activity has or business activities 2 hotels in Guanajuato and a partner of law firm mentioned.”

Despite reservations that Compliance Department of BPA had to operation by political profile of Arroyo, a veteran and well-known politician of PRI, two accounts were opened with quantities cited. The ambassador of Mexico in Montevideo (Uruguay) explains it this way: “it Was a payment of fees of my office. I was a legislator and attorney applicant, private for 25 years. Some day I paid for re, but that money is in Mexico and I paid my taxes. I have my tax return in order. Is way to be quiet. It was years ago, and could be prescribed, but is covered”.

In a first telephone conversation with this newspaper, diplomat stated that he was partner in firm of Salinas, something that this negates. In a second contact, however, ambassador pointed out that both have been “worked as an associate and litigated toger” in different cases. “There was a contract of professional association. The origin of money is legal, my taxes are paid and my conscience is clear”. The mexican ambassador in Uruguay, justifies: “I can Not disclose names of clients, nor that it is by professional secrecy”. And he adds: “we Represent companies with litigation strong and we have reached good results.”

Arroyo Vieyra: "re Was a promoter of GAP that we embaucó in this matter. It was lawful, but it was a mistake. Don't do it again, I assure you".

In 2013, Chamber of Deputies of Mexico who was presiding over Arroyo Vieyra hired consultancy services for direct award of 7.9 million pesos (371.104 euros). Of this amount, 3.2 million pesos (150.287 euros) went to firm of Salinas & Associates. The ambassador says that payment received in Andorra this law firm does not keep any relation with se awards. “I asked Pedro (Salinas) that would be my counsel in some matters. The president of Chamber does not handle resources and has a counseling very modest. Is a lawyer is very prestigious, was an advisor, goodwill. In 2013 I didn't participate in any litigation”.

Arroyo Vieyra points out that account was opened in “2011 or 2012”, and which was active, “three or four years.” The diplomat thus justified its decision to charge through Principality: “re Was a promoter of GAP that we embaucó in this matter. It was lawful, but it was a mistake. Don't do it again, he said”.

The ambassador of Mexico in Uruguay is not only politician in this country who has had an account in BPA Andorra. THE COUNTRY revealed that Oscar Javier Lara Aréchiga, of 65 years, former mp of PRI had in this same bank account of six million dollars (5,045 million euros). And that he drove a total of 17 million in tax havens like Panama or Nerlands Antilles by a company opaque. The said company was managed by BK Group, a Dutch firm trust and fiduciary services. The office of Prosecutor of Andorra investigates Lara Aréchiga and has requested that Mexico details about his political career to achieve a complete identification.

Salinas Arrambide: “I have Not opened any account to anyone,”

The lawyer Pedro Salinas Arrambide, of law firm of Mexico City Salinas Arrambide Partners, admits to having an account in Private Banking d'andorra (BPA). However, defender denies that he is intermediary for this entity of ambassador of Mexico in Uruguay, pri, Francisco Agustin Arroyo Vieyra. “I haven't opened any account to anyone. If it refers to a single one that I have to my name and I opened to me...”, responds lawyer in a questionnaire.

Salinas Arrambide explains that he opened deposit in GAP to save income “entirely lawful” of ir professional activity. “A friend of mine told me that that bank had good performances and it was a good place to have my investments, I contacted m and I came to visit my office in Mexico City officials of this institution [ BPA], approximately five years ago,” he adds.

The lawyer justifies thus his link with diplomatic: “We are acquaintances and friends from many years ago and I met him for my professional activity. It is for this reason that we have agreed on some professional projects, without re being any force.”

“What is certain is that we have had in past toger, with or professionals, partnership agreements, professional to attention of some specific projects, where I have served as a lawyer, that have already been completed”, explains lawyer.

Salinas Arrambide responds this way when asked if y testified before mexican Hacienda, with its income from BPA: “I take offense to your question, but yes, as long as I meet my tax obligations”.


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