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An Antimafia judge, new face of the Italian left

Piero Grasso, historical Sicilian magistrate and president of the Senate, will lead the new match emerged from a spin-off of the PD of Matteo Renzi

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An Antimafia judge, new face of the Italian left

This Monday was celebrated birth of a party and anniversary of a funeral. Matteo Renzi, young prime minister who managed to Agglutinate to left and form an integrative project in Italy, lost a year ago constitutional referendum with which he had played post and left home. Since n, always linked to that Hecatomb, have changed some things in Italy so that everything remained same. An example: Renzi has returned, Silvio Berlusconi has been reborn and left has disintegrated to form umpteenth current that vindicates his orthodoxy. One more game, in short, for complex electoral game that is looming in spring.

Piero Grasso, historical Antimafia magistrate and current president of Senate, is face of this new proposal. The Sicilian judge will lead formation emerged from several divisions of Democratic Party (PD) of Matteo Renzi and aspires to obtain 10% of votes in elections. One more chapter of infinite atomization that bleeds Italian left and that will benefit thriving right that leads Berlusconi. The intellectual authors of new political artifact, baptized as free and equal, are Massimo D'Alema and Pierluigi Bersani, two old foxes of Italian politics who never forgave arrogance of Renzi when Florentine tried to bury m in life Inviting to rottamazione (what would be in Italy deliver old car to junkyard in exchange for a handful of euros for next).

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The new project started months ago. But it lacked a name of weight like Grasso to put it in orbit and to abandon aura of political resentment that inevitably accompanied it. A presence of unquestionable prestige, cultivated during years of lead of Sicily with legends of magistracy like Giovanni Falcone or Paolo Borsellino. The magistrate, whose election also serves as an antidote to oft-imputed Berlusconi, must now recover disappointed voters with PD, red Italy of historical strongholds like Emilia Romagna. Citizens who observe a metamorphosis in Renzi that has turned him into a "low-intensity populist", as he defined in this newspaper Bersani. The young, precarious workers, professors, south. That's part of electorate that a year ago sent him home in constitutional referendum. A part of m has taken refuge in 5-Star Movement. Anor, simply, has stopped voting.

On Sunday y joined free and equal 73 deputies and senators with current seat. As Renzi pointed out from his social networks, former Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema, one of Italy's most extraordinary minds for plumbing and political conspiracy, is behind operation, which Sunday blessed openly from first Row of an act in which he could be heard on behalf of Antonio Gramsci, but not that of Renzi. The exmagistrate assured that he had been offered "safe positions", in reference to PD's attempt to retain him. "A man alone surrounded by síseñores cannot succeed," he threw in obvious reference to current secretary of PD, who is accused of not knowing how to delegate. A president of Senate who arrived with escort to act and began his campaign against party that elected him.

Renzi, who has swallowed all kinds of toads droned by D'Alema in recent months, believes that to vote Grasso is to make game to Berlusconi and Salvini. Free and Equal, " umpteenth game without influence", divides and weakens to left, opines. But reality is that it will simply force you to negotiate with m if you want to have any chance of going back to Chigi Palace and closing down one of many open fronts. A handful of votes D'Alema and company will be charged expensively.

The expremier is no longer young man who dazzled Italy. He has lost moral authority in some risky moves — like attempt to overthrow president of Bankitalia — and polls have weakened him. From 2015 to PD, 25 provincial capitals have been seized — with historic strongholds like Genoa, from left since World War II — and a region like Sicily. But, above all, Renzi has lost exclusive in discourse on immigration, work or culture. And he also knows that re are or candidacies underway, Grasso will not be only one to discuss that territory.

A judge in orbit of Falcone

No one discusses in Italy prestige of a key figure in fight against Cosa Nostra. and Piero Grasso (Licata, 1945) built his career during bloody years of Palermo. In 1980 he took charge of investigation for assassination of Piersanti Mattarella, n president of Sicily and bror of current President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Shortly reafter, in 1985, he became part of legendary Maxiproceso against Mafia, led by Giovanni Falcone — killed in 1992 — and in which he sat on bench 475 imputed.

The work in Antimafia Commission and as attorney General of Palermo ended up leading General Antimafia Directorate of Italy, where two mandates remained. Among or things, he coordinated arrest of great capo Bernardo Provenzano, who was 43 years away.


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