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An attack on a mosque in Egypt causes at least 235 dead

The attack has occurred in the north of Sinai, where the terrorists have put a bomb and open fire

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An attack on a mosque in Egypt causes at least 235 dead
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Witnesses of attack quoted by digital edition of newspaper Al Ahram assert that terrorists blew up a bomb in mosque, attached to Moderate Sufi rite, considered heretical by extremist Salafism, while several armed men opened Fire indiscriminately against faithful who fled after explosion. Amid a large deployment of security forces, emergency teams evacuated into hospitals close to survivors in dozens of ambulances despite cross-shoot. Among victims were numerous replacement soldiers who served compulsory military service in conflicting North Sinai area.

Since army overthrew in July 2013 President Mohamed Morsi, a member of Muslim Brorhood, Sinai has become main focus of violence in Egypt. On western border with Libya, re are also jihadist groups that maintain allegiance to Al Qaeda, such as Ansaaro Islam. The militiamen of Sinai Province, local subsidiary of ISIS, have multiplied attacks on military and police and attack on civilians working for state in order to sow terror in region. The Sinai was semidesmilitarizadoed after departure of troops of Israel, by ending invasion of peninsula that maintained between 1967 and Peace Agreements of 1979, when Government of Cairo recognized Hebrew state.

The region's jihadists pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS) at end of 2014 and established so-called Sinai Province of caliphate on peninsula bordering Israel and Gaza — by Rafah crossing — and with Sue's channel Z. The country's president, Abdelfatá al Sisi, who has declared three days of national mourning, brought toger this Friday to National Security Committee to address situation, as reported by private television channel Extra News TV, quoted by British BBC network. Al Sisi promised to respond with "a brutal force" to "avenge martyrs" of attack. At dusk, Air Force warplanes launched massive bombardments of norrn Sinai mountainous areas close to Bir al Abed, where perpetrators of attack were suspected of hiding.

A group of people remain outside Al Arish Mosque in north of Sinai Peninsula (Egypt). Reuters-Quality STR EFE

Tourists in Cairo and Nile Valley, as well as Coptic Christian community — in which more than a hundred deaths have been recorded during year in sectarian attacks — have also been subject of terrorist attacks. Two years ago, a Russian plane with 224 occupants on board crashed in Sinai because of an explosion when it had just taken off from tourist town of Sharm El Sheikh, on shores of Red Sea. There were no survivors.

Last February, Christians from El Arish region fled in mass, where attack on mosque took place on Thursday, following a wave of attacks on ir communities. The jihadists of ISIS also decapitated a local Sufi sheikh last year, who was accused of heresy and practising magic, according to Agence France Presse (AFP). Many followers of Sufism have been abducted by groups linked to ISIS and are only released after declaring in public that y repent and renounce ir beliefs. The Sinai Peninsula is declared a military security zone, where media have vetoed access.


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