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An attack on the London Underground with "pail pump" cause, at least 29 wounded

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An attack on the London Underground with "pail pump" cause, at least 29 wounded

PHOTOS: The first images of explosion in London Underground

A cube-bomb caused probably by explosion

What is known until now of terrorist attack in London?

  • 18 of injured have been transferred to different hospitals.
  • The explosion occurred at station of Parsons Green.
  • The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attack
  • The engine used was a "bucket pump" landlord who failed.
  • London has increased terrorist alert level to "critical".
  • The spectrum of attacks of 7 July 2005 has become planning on London underground. A homemade device contained in a cube of white plastic, has made explosion at 8,20 a.m. Friday on a train that came at those moments to station of Parsons Green, in Distric Line. is A real "ball of fire", according to several witnesses, has come out of last car as doors opened, and caused a stampede.

    Twenty-nine people, including a child of ten years, have been wounded and have been atentadas for burns and bruises causes by chaotic flight. Scotland Yard has called in a few minutes explosion as a "terrorist act" and warned that tragedy could have been much larger if engine gets to explode as planned.

    The london police has been launched followed by hunt and capture of "terrorist of cube", which could have been recorded by closed-circuit entering or exiting station. Several travelers have been assured that suspect came to be seen in full flight and pointed to cries of "There's a man! There's a man!".

    The Islamic State, through agency of news Amaq, has claimed responsibility for attack late Friday. After claim IS Theresa May has announced that United Kingdom increases terrorist alert level from serious to critical", high level of threat will involve more military presence in public places. In addition, terrorist group has threatened to in release with new attacks in London in next few hours.

    The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that "manhunt" was underway in city, while police have warned that re could be a second explosive. Theresa May has summoned a cabinet emergency "Cobra", while shock is installed among millions of passengers of london underground, with memories still recent of terrorist attacks on London Bridge and Westminster, and distant memory of 56 dead and 700 injured by four explosions on underground and on a bus 12 years ago.

    "I Feared that train jump in air!", has declared to BBC Peter Crowley, who was riding in subway car where re has been explosion "partial". "I Felt fire in your head and I ran outside and fearing worst,", has secured right-handed showed burns still fresh in front. "Mine is mild, but re were a lot of people that ran worse luck than me, almost all of m with cuts and wounds in face."

    Luke Walmsley, who has recorded scene on video, has seen at least a dozen passengers bloodied and attended to metro exit as y came in ambulances: "re Was a woman with two legs in flesh and a child of about ten years between wounded."

    Anor witness, Sham Skakil, has narrated how he saw people literally get crushed by stampede while trying to get out of old station. Chris Wildish, who was travelling also on subway in accident, was he had cold blood to look back and photograph with your mobile homemade device... "it Was a white cube, which is used in construction, tucked inside a bag of Lidl supermarket. The flames still came out of re and had wires hanging down. He had been leaving next to one of doors of last wagon".

    James Hurrington, who works in a shop of 24 hours near station, has seen stampede of people in front of ir noses: "don't let out people from mouth of subway, and all running like life depended on it and saying that he had exploded a bomb. I closed up shop and I joined m until we passed danger."

    police have cordoned off an area of 100 meters around station of Parsons Green, at a stone's throw of stadium of Chelsea, flanked for greater part of day by dozens of fire engines, ambulances and police. Although station has not suffered major damage, Scotland Yard has ordered closure of final stretch towards Wimbledon for duration of investigation.

    The rest of District line, green line that runs parallel to Thames before heading towards south-west of London, has continued to operate normally, like rest of metro lines. is A sense of strange normalcy and relative relief has been installed in british capital along a new morning, marked by tragedy that could be. Eight injured have been discharged a few hours later in hospital St. Mary of Paddington.

    The second of Scotland Yard, Mark Rowley has confirmed that anti-terrorist unit SO15, has taken charge of invsetigación. Rowley described cube-bomb as an "explosive device improvised" (FDI, for its acronym in English) and has warned that experts considered him to be "viable", and with notable destructive capacity, in spite of his rough exterior. printed circuit board was found next to cube.

    The counter terrorism experts have been discussed between both recordings of closed circuit cameras and interrogated dozens of witnesses to try to identify terrorist. Several media outlets have said that suspect had already been identified, although re is no official confirmation.

    Scotland Yard has joined criticism of 'premier' Theresa May and has described information disseminated on alleged identification of terrorist by president Trump in his account on "twitter" as "pure speculation". The police has not revealed more details of investigation and he has not even offered evidence of where it is performing search, nor how author was able to flee station.

    After meeting of cabinet's emergency "Cobra", Theresa May has confirmed that alert against terrorism remained at second highest level: "severe risk". May has condemned attack "cowardly" and has emphasized how cube-bomb had been "clearly designed to cause significant damage".

    "The police and security services are obviously doing everything you can to discover all circumstances," added May, who has thanked all expressions of support expressed by european leaders, chancellor Angela Merkel ("Our thoughts are with wounded and with british population") to president of Government Mariano Rajoy: "I Want to express solidarity of Spain to british people and ir authorities. We look forward to a quick recovery of wounded."


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