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An attack on two Syrian bases with Iranian presence causes 26 dead

Sources of Tehran report the death of 18 soldiers in the missile bombardment, attributed to Israel

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An attack on two Syrian bases with Iranian presence causes 26 dead

The state media in Damascus have not realized casualties recorded in attacks on base of Brigade 47 in Salhab (Hama) or against military airfield of Nairab, near airport of Aleppo. The Sky News Arabia chain raised to 40 death toll in both missile bombardments, which also caused more than 60 wounded, according to sources of opposition to regime. Witnesses cited by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights accounted for large explosions and fires in Syrian military installations.

The attack came after telephone conversation that was held on Sunday night by US President Donald Trump and Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The White House explained that both leaders spoke about threats y are planning on Middle East, and in particular on Iranian military expansion that destabilizes region. Netanyahu had received a few hours before in Tel Aviv new US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who made his first visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan.

In two bases that have been targeted by missiles re are weapons deposits, which include Earth-earth rockets, under control of Revolutionary Guard of Iran, deployed in Syrian conflict in support of President Bashar al-Assad's regime. The attacks presumably included use of anti-bunker missiles, of high explosive penetration capacity, according to information from Arab press collected by Israeli daily Haaretz. The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center recorded a tremor of magnitude 2.6 in area attacked in Hama.

Israel does not usually comment on military operations abroad. The Minister of Strategic Affairs, Israel Katz, said Monday to army Radio that he was not aware of facts. An attack with missiles against base area T-4 — located in central province of Homs and attributed by Moscow and Damascus to Israel — caused last April 9, 14 dead, half of m members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Israeli Defense minister Avigdor Lieberman had warned on Sunday that Israel was going to "respond with great force" to any threat against its territory. Lieberman also warned that it was not going to tolerate installation of Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems in Syrian bases.

The Israeli Air Force has carried out more than a hundred incursions into Syrian territory since beginning of war, mostly against arms deposits and convoys of Lebanese guerrillas of Hezbollah. Israel had already attacked T-4 military aerodrome this year last February, in retaliation for infiltration of a drone into its airspace. In most serious incident in which Hebrew state has been implicated in seven years of civil conflict in neighbouring Arab country, Israeli military aviation bombarded with eight F-16s a base of Iranian drones. One of fighters was shot down by Syrian air defence, although his two crew members were able to get safe.

Israel remains technically in a state of war with Syria since it in 1949 sealed an armistice with Arab countries that attempted to forcibly prevent creation of Jewish state. The situation of conflict without hostilities remained after wars of 1967 (six days) and of 1973 (Yom Kippur), in which Damascus tried unsuccessfully to recover Golan Plateau, which was subsequently annexed by Israel without international approval.


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