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An Exboss accuses Oxfam and the British government of Immobilism in the face of allegations of sexual abuse

Helen Evans says that she brought to the leadership of the NGO and the executive a detailed report, which also spoke of abuses to minors in the stores, and these did not act

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An Exboss accuses Oxfam and the British government of Immobilism in the face of allegations of sexual abuse

An ex-head of OXFAM, responsible for managing internal complaints, has brought new and explosive accusations to scandal in which NGO is involved, by ensuring that management of organization ignored its reports on scale of scandal of sexual abuse . Helen Evans, who after leaving organization in 2015, denounced her to charity Commission, governing body of charitable institutions in country, talks about abuses of adolescent volunteers at NGO stores in UK, and ensures that a report Internally revealed that one in ten employees had witnessed or experienced sexual assaults. Contacted by country, excooperative, currently Labour councillor at Oxford, has declined to comment and has been referred to his public statement.

"In 2012 I was commissioned to establish a guarantee and surveillance function to combat sexual exploitation and abuses perpetrated by OXFAM staff," says Evans in statement, after making public his allegations in an interview on Channel television 4. "What had happened in Haiti was inexcusable and organization wanted to undertake some action. As internal denunciation mechanisms strengned, allegations began to flow and magnitude of problem emerged. Haiti was not an isolated incident. "

My statement following tonight's interview with @cathynewman @Channel4News

— Councillor Helen Evans (@helentevans) February 12, 2018

Evans claims that allegations were growing every year and that, despite fact that Oxfam had specific resources for reporting of reprehensible acts, when magnitude of problem was already known, organization did not take necessary steps to respond.

The co-member explains that in December 2014 she was summoned to a meeting with team of chief Executive Officer, Mark Goldring, to explain details of a confidential report on staff of Oxfam's programmes in three countries. "The report revealed that one in ten employees reported having witnessed or experienced sexual assaults," says Evans. "An hour before meeting I was asked not to attend and, when I protested decision, CEO wrote me an email saying: ' You're right, this is a serious problem. The team recognizes it, but feels that re is nothing that we as a group can add to situation, which is clearly exposed in report. "

In month following frustrated meeting, Evans said, his department received three allegations of "child abuse" in stores that Oxfam has spread across UK, as well as anor series of allegations of "sexual exploitation" abroad. Evans explains that he moved his concerns to NGO board and drafted anor report. He was told that "a strategic review" would be carried out, he said, but he did not receive "an immediate commitment to change".

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At that time, Evans left NGO and decided to take case to charity Commission, public body that registers and regulates charitable organizations in England and Wales to ensure that public can support m with confidence. "I felt extremely disappointed when charity Commission decided not to meet with me or ask me for more information," he concludes.

In August 2015, Evans continues, brought his complaints to various government agencies, including ministries of Interior and international development. "No action was carried out accordingly," he says.

Oxfam CEO Mark Goldring apologized to Evans on Monday night and said he would resign if board asked.

Evans ' accusations occur shortly after Penny Lawrence, deputy director of Oxfam, presented her resignation. Lawrence assumed responsibility for not properly handling scandal, after Times published revelations of an internal report that collected how organization's cooperators hired prostitutes, some probably under Age, during humanitarian mission deployed in Haiti after devastating earthquake of 2010. The British government has announced that it will launch a unit to investigate sexual abuse in cooperation sector.

"Oxfam and or cooperation agencies are developing a vital role in ensuring that aid reaches those who need it most," says Evans in his statement: "The vast majority of cooperators work tirelessly for all appropriate reasons to make a difference Positive. However, when re is a privileged position of power and trust, re will always be a minority of people seeking to abuse that trust for personal gain. This has proved to be case in many sectors, from Westminster to Hollywood, and cooperation sector is unfortunately no different. "


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