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Anti-Terrorist prosecutors from four countries claim greater access to encrypted messages

Experts regret that the difficulties in knowing the data hinder research

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Anti-Terrorist prosecutors from four countries claim greater access to encrypted messages

The prosecutors of Spain, France, Belgium and Morocco want more power to penetrate virtual dens of radicalized and terrorist. The shady areas that still provide Internet for indoctrination and preparation of attacks are one of great headaches of heads for authorities, powerless in use of encrypted communications that hinder police scrutiny and They slow down investigations. This Wednesday has been highlighted by prosecutors of se four countries at meeting of anti-terrorist Quadripartite, a forum where y deal with fight against a threat of global resonances.

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"We have difficulty deciphering certain messages." We must unite our voices to demand solutions, ' asked Frenchman François Molins, who has participated in meeting just three days after two women were killed at train station in Marseilles to cry of Allah is great. With this still very recent attack and massive outrage of Barcelona's Ramblas in memory where at least 16 people died and more than a hundred were injured, prosecutors have called for prioritize access to encrypted data. "There are contacts among terrorists for applications like Viber, Skype and Telegram." They are all encrypted and we must be able to exploit this data to avoid attacks, "said Belgian Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, present at opening of talks. Preventing terrorists from finding inaccessible loopholes to security forces is not easy for those responsible for combating m: Prosecutors have already repeated same appeal against barriers to communications Encrypted at meeting last year.

The four countries created group as a space for exchange of information complementary to bilateral cooperation and wider EU framework. Every year a country welcomes attempt to coordinate efforts. If in 2016 Paris was chosen city, Belgium, head of organization this year, has chosen Flemish town of Mechelen, charged with a high symbolism for being a stronghold that has not left for Syria and Iraq no combatant despite having 20% of Puebla Muslim. To complete recognition of Mechelen, its mayor, Bart Somers, addressed prosecutors in press conference prior to work behind closed doors. "If we want to avoid being recruited by ISIS, we must recruit m for our society with inclusive policies." Desrradicalizar costs a lot of money and effort and is not guaranteed success, "he launched present."

Toger with access to encrypted information, or major concern is return to ir countries of origin of jihadists who departed to Syria and Iraq from Europe. "Daesh [acronym in Arabic for ISIS] little by little loses, and that means that many fighters want to return." "They are real bombs for safety," warned Moroccan prosecutor, Hassan Daki.

Its European counterparts have not entered into details of research that y share, as is case with investigations currently underway around visits of some authors of attacks of Catalonia with France and Belgium. "The contacts between our countries are frequent in investigations of recent attacks," said Belgian Minister of Justice.

The meeting was last-minute absence of chief Prosecutor of national audience in Spain, Jesús Alonso, focusing on incidents stemming from referendum in Catalonia. In Spanish representation came fiscal Lieutenant Miguel Ángel Carballo and Dolores Carballo, coordinator of jihadi terrorism in national audience.


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