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'Poke', the appeal of the sushi hawaiian eats in bol

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'Poke', the appeal of the sushi hawaiian eats in bol

Madrid surrenders to this dish that includes marinated fish, vegetables and rice

years Ago, no one ate raw fish in Spain, but n came ceviche, ramen and sushi, as our bread of each day, to stay. Now foodies hungry for new colors, textures, and flavors turn to be in luck: poke or poké, a dish of hawaiian origin, triumphs in Madrid.

it Is served in a bowl and consists of a base of grain cooked (usually some type of rice or quinoa), fish marinated in crude oil, add-ons, such as seaweed, seeds, vegetables chopped, citrus fruit, and a sauce such as soy, ponzu and spicy mayo.

Its main strengths: it is healthy, quick to make (and eat), affordable, and customizable. A mix that will shake empire of sushi and that came out of need for fishermen, hawaiians eat something quick while working. Prior step for California, as greater part of culinary trends, is now conquering Spain.

Its main strengths: it is healthy, quick to make, affordable, and customizable

But, where did you go in capital to try a good poke? Their natural habitat are asian restaurants of new generation, style healthy and foodtrucks or specialty bars. The first stop could be in ii.Poke, on street Argensola, 17. Its success has been such that in a few days you will have a clone on Paseo de la Castellana.

"From an informal meeting or even a elegant event. In Hawaii y eat at any side," says team's catering local, who explains that word means "from or cross-cutting," and which in English is pronounced Poe-kay.

Dish of poké restaurant Aloha Poké THE WORLD

Used as a base for rice green bamboo, rich in amino acids and with antioxidant properties, which was imported directly from Hawaii, and bluefin tuna from a nursery in Tarragona. They have many varieties, but his favorite is There Tuna with bamboo rice, tuna, onion, edamame, and a special sauce of house. This gastronomic revolution drag is also a way of life: bowlmanía. At least so says portal gastronomic Fine Dining Lovers, which has been referred to 2017 as year of food in bowls".

"Are trend all over world, although in Spain it costs somewhat more because we are not accustomed to. Many asian dishes are served in bowls and if you are outside house or at work are ideal. Allow mix and match very well ingredients and sauce", claims Nacho Aparicio, one of partners behind restaurant Mama Field (street of Trafalgar, 22), which opened its doors in 2014.

Since this spring, in his letter you can see a poke tuna marinated with quinoa. "It goes very much with our philosophy of healthy food and rich, gives a lot of play and nutritionally it is very complete," he says.

Several restaurants in capital offer with success new trend of culinary

The menu of The Pagoda (calle de Félix Boix, 7) has always included poke. Behind this restaurant is a fusion cuisine, western and asian, are Eva Chen and Ignacio Martínez. They fell in love with this dish in California and its bowl of rice, tuna and salmon, a special sauce, seaweed wakame and edamame has become a bestseller. Expect that, despite boom, dish remains true to its roots. "We've been able to try all kinds of pokes innovative, but we are left with essence of original."

Not everything is to letter. In Aloha Poké (street of Freedom, 17) are fans of "do it yourself" or DIY (Do It Yourself, for its acronym in English), to more pure style salad buffet: you choose base (rice, quinoa...), protein (tuna, salmon, octopus, tofu... sauce and toppings such as avocado, seaweed wakame, and edamame. Behind se Poké Bowls, such as have been baptized at plate, are Carlos, Hugo and William. These three friends can boast of having opened first Poké Bar in Madrid three months ago. "It was more of an experience than a simple dish. We offer you a way of eating healthy and quick in an environment of surfing and good vibes. We want to transform negative concept that you have fast food, and give a healthier version".


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