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Argentina kills the 44 crew members of the submarine

The Navy puts an end to the rescue of potential survivors after two weeks without results

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Argentina kills the 44 crew members of the submarine
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Two weeks without finding traces have been too much. The Argentine Navy announced this Thursday that it will no longer look for survivors of Ara San Juan submarine and has returned to port rescue pods that had provided U.S. The force spokesman, Enrique Balbi, said y will continue to look for helmet on Atlantic bed, but "re will be no rescue of people".

Balbi did not conceal his distress during daily press conference. More than two hours late and unexplained return of Norwegian ship Sophie Siem with American mini-submarine on board shot during afternoon all sorts of speculation. But announcement was unexpected. Balbi started wheel announcing that he would read a statement, best way to not make mistakes. "The Ministry of Defense and Argentine Navy report that today, Thursday, SAR case of San Juan submarine was declared to be completed, changing search phase." The SAR plan has mission of rescuing people, in order to preserve human life, "read spokesman.

"No evidence of Naugrafio was found in a total of 557,000 square nautical miles of visual exploration and 1.5 million of square nautical miles of radar exploration with 28 vessels and nine aircraft and 4,000 men involved in a total of 18 countries. Despite efforts, it has not been possible to locate submarine, "explained Balbi. In addition, he said, "it has extended to more than double number of days that determine possibilities of rescue of endowment."

As a litany, Argentine Navy repeated for two weeks that re are no traces of submarine Ara San Juan, disappeared somewhere in South Atlantic with 44 crew members aboard. It has been two weeks with all possible emotions, from euphoria of first days to slightest inkling of life to hardest disappointment last Thursday, when authorities announced registration of an explosion on board, two hours after last Contact. The families of Marines had already lost ir hopes of finding m alive, but y are now waiting for ship at least to be found at bottom of sea. In this search are ships and airplanes from 18 countries, which is already largest operative ever made in Argentina.

ARA San Juan was lost at sea on Wednesday November 15th. Two weeks later we know details that can explain what happened that fateful day, but not enough to find submarine and its crew. The commander's last communication warned base of a principle of fire in his batteries, product of a water inlet through snorkel, tube that is removed to surface to allow entry of air. The Navy did not consider incident of gravity and ordered captain to abandon his illegal weight control tasks and set sail to Mar del Plata, its final port 400 kilometres south of Buenos Aires. Nothing else has been known since.

Only on Friday, 16 November, Navy reported that it had lost contact with ship, but limited issue to a "communication problem". With running of days, situation was complicated. After a week of unsuccessful search, Argentine government reported that sensors for identification of banned nuclear tests had detected an explosion at site of disappearance. The announcement plunged families waiting for news at naval base in Mar del Plata, while ships and planes from Argentina, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Norway and 13 or countries concentrated ir search in area of outbreak.

The work ended, despite use of most advanced tracking equipment in world. The fear is that Ara San Juan has fallen to side where continental Argentina platform is lost in depths of up to 3,000 meters. This Thursday, during event that began Argentine presidency in G-20, MACRI thanked aid that Argentina has received from countries involved in raking. But good news did not arrive.

It was no longer talked about how much oxygen could be left to seamen trapped, because hope had been lost long ago. The patience of some relatives was exhausted long ago. Eight families were presented to Judge Marta Yáñez, in charge of judicial investigation of accident, to consult him on possibility of prosecuting Navy. They consider that ship was not in a position to navigate for lack of maintenance, even though government always stated that ARA San Juan was in perfect condition and had undergone a total renovation less than three years ago. Now, submarine and its crew will remain at bottom of sea.


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