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Argentina takes the first step to legalize abortion

MACRI will allow the debate in Congress in the midst of enormous social pressure to place the country at the forefront of Latin America and the level of Europe

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Argentina takes the first step to legalize abortion
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Argentina's society is changing at an unforeseen rate. Homosexual marriage, unthinkable a few years ago, when it suffered tough opposition of n Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, is absolutely normalized. The machismo that has dominated this society for years now seems to be receding, cornered by social wave that led to massive mobilization of no less, but still today a woman is still dying of gender violence every 30 hours. And now it seems turn of abortion, which breaks through in midst of an unusual social pressure in favor of legalization in first 14 weeks, style of what happens in most European countries but not in Latin Americans , where only Uruguay has it. The pressure is so strong that Mauricio Macri himself, who always said he was against abortion and continues to rejecting, has instructed his team to allow debate in Congress. The battle has only begun, deputies who support it are still far from being a majority, but Macri's gesture has surprised everyone and opens way to an unpredictable end process.

"It is a great triumph that it follows that for many years we have fought to set up debate. There are possibilities. MEPs are very permeable to public opinion, y are due to ir votes, and today it is a majority in favour of law. We're going to try to get him to Congress on Day 8. There are 500,000 clandestine abortions a year in Argentina, re are girls who go to jail for abortion, this does not give more, "claims Victoria Donda, a left congresswoman, daughter of disappeared, who leads group promoting reform. In social networks and on street, mobilization in last month has surprised everyone and continues to grow.

In Argentina abortion is illegal except in cases of rape or risk of life for mor. But Argentines find a way to abort. Those who have money to pay for it, do it in clinics safely, but clandestinely. Those who do not, suffer much more precarious conditions, with a risk to ir health. "In Argentina re are 60,000 hospitalizations per year for complications arising from abortions. The poor plant stems are planted, using needles, probes, and uncontrolled curettage. The policy of taking him underground has been disastrous. Abortions are banned and multiplied because re can be no public policy of prevention in hiding, "says Mario Sebastiani, a well-known obstetrician who has been pushing for years to legalize him.

He is also convinced that it is possible to do so. "I've been 35 years and this has never happened. I would not have expected MACRI, but speaks well of President, who has seen that re is a very strong movement. The example is Uruguay. It has zero mortality. But it is not done to foreigners, to avoid precisely that all Argentines or Brazilians go re, "he tops. While in Argentina, where it is illegal, it is estimated that re are 500,000 abortions a year, in Spain, with a similar population and a law that legalized it, re are 94,000 and low each year, recalls doctor.

Still, resistance is very strong. Most of ministers and important people of Macrista power have been radically opposed to abortion. Some have close ties to church. "For me life is from embryo and States have to consider that right to life is first human right. If we defend it in any circumstance, and I think re is a life re, I have to defend it, "summarizes Gabriela Michetti, Argentine vice president and as president of Senate, where reform should come.

It is even more difficult in interior, especially in provinces of impoverished north, most conservative. Your senators will hardly support you. From Tucumán, one of se provinces, case of Bethlehem, a 27-year-old girl who spent more than two years in prison for abortion, rose to fame. In August 2017 it was finally acquitted by Supreme Court of this province.

Celeste McDougall, one of promoters of legal, safe and free right to abortion campaign (, is convinced that time has come. "We are having a very strong level of support and social consensus, we have been in this for 13 years. On March 6 we present bill and we know that insurance 70 deputies support it [ quorum so that it can be discussed is in 129, refore key instruction of MACRI to his own to allow debate]. Even Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said now that it would seem good to be discussed, "he says.

For years, key to this issue not going forward was opposition of former president, who is now a senator. As with many politicians, she herself has admitted that her daughter presses her to change her mind. There is a key generational leap and that is why campaign promoters are confident that it can be approved if re is enough social thrust. "You have to press more than ever. The only guarantee is to remain mobilized. Deputies can no longer look or way. It's a big debt of democracy. Moreover, if this is approved in Argentina will have a huge effect on or Latin American countries, is a wave that can not stop. If one looks at map, 95% of unsafe abortions that are made on planet are in third world countries, "explains McDougall.

Everyone fears mobilization, much more silent, of those who oppose abortion, especially church. Argentina does not cease to be country of pope. But some also point out that he did not say anything about abortion on his recent trip to Chile, where he had just passed a law that decriminalized him in three cases. "The pope is Argentinian but lives in a country, Italy, where abortion is legal for many years, as in or European countries. Let's hope he doesn't get in, "sentence Vicky Donda. The battle will be long but on March 8th, working Women's Day, will have ir first step. The votes of that day will show wher it is really possible to jump like this that would place Argentina at head of region.


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