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Artillery clashes in the environs of Kirkuk

An intense duel between the Kurdish troops and forces of Baghdad has closed the road that connects Erbil and Kirkuk

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Artillery clashes in the environs of Kirkuk

The tensions between Kurdish troops and forces of Baghdad have erupted this Friday on boundary between province of Erbil and that of Kirkuk. From 8.25 of morning an intense artillery duel has closed road that connects two cities in village of Sherawa.

"The hashed have attacked us," assures country Colonel Badiaá, a Kurdish security Services Officer (ASAISH), referring to popular mobilization units (eminently Shi'a militias). Impossible to verify his assertion. Badiaá is convinced that objective of militia is not only to force Peshmerga to retreat to boundaries of 2003, but to reach Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, about 35 kilometers from checkpoint of Sherawa. "Iran is behind," adds Kurdish officer to consent of or military.

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Little by little y arrive to reinforcements peshmerga and two units are deployed to east and to west of post of Sherawa. The Kurdish military seeks to block what y say is an attempt to surround m by militia. In midst of shooting of Katyushas and anor medium caliber artillery comes a military vehicle with a dead and first wounded. One of accompanying combatants says that "coalition planes [fighting ISIS, led by US] have bombarded hashed positions, y have abandoned ir positions and when we have advanced to occupy m y have returned and attacked us." The soldier is not sure if it was a intentional attack or by mistake. Between cannon and cannon you will eventually hear noise of airplanes but it is not possible to spot m or see clearly if y are attacking. The front is located about a kilometer south of Sherawa.

On Wednesday, Iraqi army had announced end of its campaign to recover disputed territories under control of Kurdish troops and that se had been retracted to limits of autonomous Region. In an attempt to lower tension, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered withdrawal of those paramilitaries in Kirkuk city.


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