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Assange help to maintain active the web of the referendum of the 1-Or

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Assange help to maintain active the web of the referendum of the 1-Or

The Government opens anor web of referendum after closure ordered by a judge

Puigdemont considered "NINETEENTH century" to close a website and assumes authorship of new

The game of cat and mouse that will perform from Wednesday to Government, Government and Justice around website of referendum of 1-Or account with a participant is not altoger unexpected: 'hacker' Julian Assange.

The founder of Wikileaks has re-emerged in debate on 'procés' and has been claimed as one of those responsible for cloning in network, page censored by order of a judge of Barcelona. In tone usual messages you post on social network Twitter, Assange claims, in fact, a great part of merit: "We have a lot of experience stopping censorship abusive. I'm happy to help protect rights of publication of website of referendum Catalonia".

The official account of Wikileaks also spreads messages against "censorship" of which you accuse Spanish justice against referendum and made available to mariners alternate addresses.

What Catalan govts referendum site looks after censorship action from Madrid at:

? WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) September 14, 2017

From Civil Guard is personara Wednesday in company of 'hosting' CDmon to stop page, have multiplied in network so-called 'mirrors', that are not anor thing that alternative directions in which to display same content of deleted pages, but from or countries to avoid being bugged.The own president, Carles Puigdemont, spread two alternative directions that, thanks to collaboration of or activists, have been multiplied to make m impossible to contain. Among or directions are some as or, fully active.

Sources of Government to ensure that alternative routes chosen in anticipation that Government or Justice decided to intervene in original page lead to european countries such as Luxembourg and just outside community, among or countries in united States. The same sources claim that co-workers of Assange in Wikileaks "help" to avoid veto issued by magistrate court number 13 of Barcelona. A version that matches that claimed by activist.

The opinion of 'hacker' in present Catalan politics is a striking fact that began after attacks of 17 August in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona)and has been increasing gradually as it approaches referendum of 1st of October.

Assange intervened for first time after publication of report of intelligence of US referred to Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime (Citco) and is delivered to Mossos d'esquadra in which it warned against possible attacks in The Rambla.Information that proved to be of little credibility, as confirmed all police sources who received it - Police, Civil Guard, CNI, and Autonomous - but that Assange said that you didn't even exist.

From two weeks ago, however, Assange has not backed down in his defense of cause of independence, which has come to be seen as political challenge "more important" in West.

Among or messages, Assange has argued on Thursday that "casting a vote is simply to express an opinion" and has accused Spain of "trying to muzzle 7.5 million people by force. Why are you so frightened by your opinion?". On anor occasion predicted a "civil war" if not allowed birth of a "new nation" and compared offensive of State against referendum with entry of chinese troops into Tiananmen square to crush revolt of students. The writer and journalist Arturo Pérez-Reverte came to cloth with activist australian: "are you a perfect idiot."


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