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At least 14 killed in Kabul in an attack after the exile the Vice President Dostum

The former lord of the war in northern Afghanistan was returning to the country from Turkey

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At least 14 killed in Kabul in an attack after the exile the Vice President Dostum
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At least 14 people have died and anor 50 have been injured as a result of a suicide bombing this Saturday near international airport of Kabul, where shortly before had landed plane in which he returned from his exile in Turkey Afghan vice president and former warlord in north of country, general Abdul Rashid Dostum. The majority of victims are police officers, as reported by Afghan Interior ministry.

The suicide bombing occurred around 17.00, local time (12.30 GMT), a few meters from entrance to airport complex, when a suicidal attacker on foot detonated explosives he carried, said Efe spokesman of Kabul police, Hashmat Stanikzai.

"The attacker was planning to attack convoy" from Dostum, spokesman added, but explosion occurred "minutes after vice president had left area." The outbreak occurred precisely when Dostum left airport aboard an armoured convoy, surrounded by his personal guard. Among 12 dead, in addition to exploding attacker, re are civilians and members of security forces, concluded Stanikzai.

Moment of arrival of Dostum to Kabul (in center, with tie of white and red stripes), this Saturday. Rahmat Gul AP

Dostum, who traveled to Turkey when he was investigated for alleged torture of his bodyguards to a political rival, had been received minutes earlier at international airport by dozens of followers and local authorities. Dostum's trip to Turkey in May last year occurred after weeks of speculation in Afghan media about his possible escape after attorney General opened three months earlier an investigation into nine of his bodyguards for allegedly torturing and Violate a political rival of yours.

Dostum is one of most powerful Afghan warlords, reputed to be bloodthirsty and a record of constant changes of sides during wars in Afghanistan since Soviet invasion (1979-89) to expulsion of Taliban in 2001.

As a member of Norrn Alliance he fought with US aid to Taliban who were in north of country and, according to some allegations, is responsible for death by asphyxiation of hundreds of m taken prisoner, during his transfer to a prison in practically sealed containers.  Dostum provided support to country's president, Ashraf Ghani, in disputed elections of 2014, adding support of his ethnic community, Uzbeks.

While in exile, Dostum recalled his influence on Afghan politics, particularly among minorities, by forming a coalition with Atta Mohammad Noor, powerful former governor of Balkh province with broad support among Tajik and with Mohammad Mohaqiq , a leader of Hazar minority.

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