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At least 30 killed in an attack on an electoral college on the day of the elections in Pakistan

The suicide attack in the city of Quetta has been vindicated by Islamic State

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At least 30 killed in an attack on an electoral college on the day of the elections in Pakistan

A suicide bombing in an electoral college in city of Quetta, located in southwestern Pakistan, has left at least 30 dead and 35 wounded, in first attack that has occurred during general elections held in country this Wednesday. According to Agence France PRESSE (AFP), suicide bomber "tried to enter voting station and when police tried to stop him, he blew," a senior local government official, Hashim Ghilzai, told AFP. The attack has been claimed by Islamic State (ISIS), reports Reuters.

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This attack was preceded Wednesday morning by an attack with grenades at a voting station in district of Khuzdar that killed a policeman and wounded three ors. Quetta is capital of sourn province of Balochistan, poorest and most unstable in country. The attacks are frequent. There had already been anor suicide bombing in mid-July, which had killed at least 153 people at an election rally in Mastung, about 40 kilometres from Quetta. The Islamic State group attributed responsibility for attack.

Pakistan is celebrating an election day on Wednesday in which two major candidates are confronted, Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, representatives of Muslim League of Pakistan (PML) and Movement for Justice (PTI). Although y are not only parties that attend polls, electoral contest has become a struggle between se two opponents that has been rarefied by disqualification and imprisonment of Sharif, and widespread conviction that army , a traditional referee of Pakistani politics, supports PTI. 105 million of Pakistanis were called to deposit ir vote in one of 85,000 eligible polling schools.

Khan, in a message in his official Twitter account, condemned "terrorist attack on Quetta perpetrated by Pakistan's enemies seeking to alter () democratic process," and expressed his desire for Pakistanis to "defeat terrorism."

"I'm hurt by martyrdom of innocent people, including policemen, (...) At time when y were exercising ir democratic right to vote. My deepest condolences to bereaved families, "Sharif wrote on Twitter.

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