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At least 74 dead and 187 injured by several fires in Greece

Authorities have declared a state of emergency and have called for European aid

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At least 74 dead and 187 injured by several fires in Greece

At least 74 people have died and 187 have been injured this Monday during serious fires that have been declared in Greece, three of m around Ans, capital of country, according to last balance of spokesman of firefighters, Stavroula Maliri, quoted by Reuters and France Presse agency. The mayor of Rafia, one of localities affected, had raised number of deceased to 60 in statements to Skai TV, although official balance of government Heleno continues to account for half a hundred deaths.

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All deceased, including teenagers and children, have been found in area between port of Rafia, about 30 kilometres from Ans, and Nea Makri, located about 10 kilometres furr north. The Minister of Public order, Nikos Toskas, has suggested that fires could have been provoked. The authorities have declared state of emergency have called for European aid to fight flames.

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This Tuesday has transcended discovery of bodies of 26 people carbonized on coast of Argyros in Mati, as reported by mayor of Rafia, Evangelos Bournos, to state agency ANA-MPA. According to your information, bodies were found only 15 meters from sea. The president of Greek Red Cross, Nikos Economopoulos, told Skai that deceased, who were found embracing, lost ir lives when y tried to escape to sea. Shortly before, authorities had announced a balance of 24 deaths and more than 150 wounded. The Ministry of Health has reported that more than 100 people have burns of varying degrees and 11 are in critical condition.

The authorities have declared state of emergency after flames forced evacuation of three villages and provoked cutting of Olympia highway, one of main roads of country, which connects capital with Peloponnese, in south of country. A little over 10 years ago, in 2007, a series of fires just swept Peloponnese and Evia Island and claimed lives of 77 people.

The Embassy of Spain in Greece has confirmed that re are no hospitalized Spanish nationality. Among fatalities are two Polish tourists, according to Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The deceased are a mor and her son, who died drowned in Mati when air boat in which y escaped from fire overturned.

View of Parnon with smoke of fires on outskirts of Ans. Reuters.

Through public television, Civil Protection has called for residents of threatened populations to follow instructions of firefighters and evacuate ir homes. "The situation is critical, if y do not obey re is a danger of fatalities," said a firefighter spokesperson to ERT public network. In area where fires began, in town of Kineta, in Attica region, Greek authorities have deployed 74 vehicles with more than 150 firefighters, supported by five helicopters and or aerial and terrestrial means. The Government of Cyprus has sent an operation of 60 firefighters to collaborate with ir Greek colleagues.

Greece has called for European aid to address flames, as a firefighter spokesperson has explained to media. In addition, Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, forwarded his return to Greece on Monday from Bosnia and Herzegovina to manage situation and expressed his desire that, despite climatic conditions, fires could be controlled. "There are no words to describe our feelings in se times. The country lives an incalculable tragedy. Dozens of human lives have been lost. And this is unbearable for everyone. More for families who lost ir loved ones. But also for those of us who are in positions of responsibility. For those who understand that re is nothing more valuable than human life, "said Tspiras, who has decreed three days of national mourning.

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