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At least 74 killed in a double bombing in the south of Iraq

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At least 74 killed in a double bombing in the south of Iraq

Iraq snatches from Islamic State in city of Tal Afar

The iraqi Parliament rejects holding of referendum of independence kurdish

At least 74 people have died, and or 93 were injured on Thursday in a double bomb attack registered against a restaurant and a checkpoint in sourn province iraqi Dhi Qar.

this Is attack more sangrient, or from defeat of Islamic State in city of Mosul last July.

According to governor of province, Yehia al-Nasiri, onslaught has started in vicinity of a restaurant located on road that linked Dhi Qar and Basra with Baghdad. The assailants opened fire against establishment and a position of control prior to detonation of two suicide bombers, one of m aboard a vehicle full of explosives. Among victims include at least four iranian pilgrims.

The number of dead could rise in next few hours because some of injured are in a critical state, have warned medical sources. According to brigadier general Saad Maan, spokesman of ministry of Interior, security forces have established "strict security measures in Basra after attack fearing that it would record new attacks".

The province of Dhi Qar, of shia majority, is about 320 kilometers souast of Baghdad. The SI has reivindicadoel double attack through a statement released by its organ of propaganda Amaq. The terrorist group tries to step up ir actions after loss of Mosul and Tal Afar, ir fiefdoms in land of iraq, in last few weeks.

The IS fenced-in, in Iraq

The violence does not cease in Iraq. According to monthly balance of assistance mission of UN in Iraq, 116 civilians were killed and anor 181 injured in attacks across country. The provinces where re were more victims are Baghdad, Nineveh, whose capital is Mosul - and Saladin.

In last year, IS has lost most of its enclaves in Iraq, where he came to occupy one third of its territory. Still controls city of Hawija, in province of Kirkuk, 300 kilometers north of Baghdad, and areas of vast western province of Anbar, bordering Syria, to resist military campaign that liberated cities of Ramadi and Fallujah. Precisely, security forces have acknowledged that y prepare paths offensive.

The new wave of attacks coincides with political turmoil that hit arab country. At request of iraqi prime minister Haidar al Abadi, Parliament has approved this Thursday for dismissal of governor of Kirkuk, Najmaldin Karim, for his enthusiastic support for referendum of independence of autonomous region of iraqi Kurdistan has planned for 25th of September. Karim and main kurdish parties have called "illegal" for his dismissal.

At end of August, council of Kirkuk -a province disputed historically by Baghdad and Erbil - ratified by simple majority to hold referendum with opposition of important minorities like Turkmen and Arabic. The province, rich in oil, is known as "little Iraq" for melting pot of ethnicities and communities that it hosts. The resolution was criticized by Baghdad and Ankara, is worried by impact of plebiscite among its kurdish population. Barzani has promised that city will enjoy a "special status" in future kurdish State.

last Tuesday, iraqi Parliament rejected consultation and urged prime minister to "take necessary measures" to preserve unity of Iraq. Kurdistan, which is reviving its regional Parliament on Friday after more than two years of litigation between parties, has denounced resolution and has reiterated its willingness to hold referendum on scheduled date.


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