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Atlanticism in the Shade

The Pentagon maneuvered for Spain to enter NATO

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Atlanticism in the Shade

The President of United States, Donald Trump, will participate in NATO summit in Brussels for fundraising purposes, without historical memory and without having known work of operators who, behind scenes, promoted entry of Spain into alliance Atlantic. In addition to Nuño Aguirre de Carcer, Javier Rupérez and ors, nothing is known about history of Spanish diplomat Juan José Santos, who had access to an internal document of Department of Defense, pondering eventual incorporation of Spain in organization of North Atlantic Treaty. Fernando Morán, n Minister of Foreign Affairs in Government of Felipe González, was adamantly opposed.

"It was a draft of report by Colonel William Heiberg, who had been stationed in Brussels, but who had not contacted any Spanish official re to avoid giving impression that United States was pressuring Spain," reveals to country Diplomat, who in 1982-83 biennium attended a faculty fellowship at Harvard University. "After reading document and given its importance as input to enrich decision making of PSOE government, I gave it to four people of relief in party."

Santos Aguado, already retired, whose last destination has been ambassador to Qatar, had left PSOE in 1982 for his frontal discrepancy with position of party on NATO. During his academic stay in U.S. He maintained frequent personal exchanges with professors Samuel Huntington, author of Clash of Civilisations, Stanley Hoffman, Joseph Nye, Jorge Domínguez and Juan José Linz, at Yale University. "My goal was to disseminate Spanish democratic transition and enrich argument to change position of PSOE, in favor of full entry of our country into alliance."

Through anor U.S. military, Colonel Frank Partlow, diplomat had opportunity to stay for a month at National Defense University in Fort McNair, Washington D.C. He did so as a visiting fellow, a guest of center responsible for developing national security strategies and government policies, and "preparing military and civilian leaders in United States and or countries to better address national challenges and International ". There he had access to Pentagon document.

"I asked permission to use it and y asked me for four days to give me an answer. Finally, I was given several conditions: that I make corrections and comments on report, which should be kept confidential, "recalls Santos. "Anor condition was that re was no reference to its content in any media for a period of six months. When it was finished, y would print about 50 copies as an internal document to be distributed to elected recipients within Pentagon. "

The diplomat gave a copy to Nuño Aguirre of Carcer, Ambassador in Washington, "who sent it by letter to Moran, who kept it in a drawer," Elena Flores, Secretary of International Relations of PSOE, Carlos Solchaga, Minister of Industry, and Juan Antonio Yáñez , director of Cabinet of Felipe González who accompanied Javier Solana, n Minister of Culture, to a seminar in Harvard and n to Toronto.

Back in Madrid, Yáñez wrote a note on report for Felipe Gonzalez, who asked king for a hearing. The experts of Socialist government examined and debated report of American Colonel. At that time, most doctrinal stance within Socialist government was that of "NATO: Inbound, no," defended by Fernando Moran, openly against entry into Spain in alliance. In his book a Foreign policy for Spain dispatched east-West conflict succinctly.

The contribution cost Santos a face. "Moran's team considered me a dangerous atlanticist and I was cut off by Service Commission from February. I finished my stay at Harvard on my own. " Sore by those tensions he oriented his career in anor direction, more autonomous and vitalist.

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