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Attack in the London underground : the level of terrorist alert lowered in the United Kingdom

A second arrest took place Saturday evening, after the bombing Friday in the london underground, which has made a thirty wounded.

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Attack in the London underground : the level of terrorist alert lowered in the United Kingdom
After a statement Friday, level of terrorist alert to " critical ", fearing an attack " imminent ", uk's centre for analysis of terrorism, decided, Sunday, 17 September, lowering it to " serious ". On Friday morning, a bomb attack committed in london underground at Parsons Green, which is claimed by organization, jihadist islamic State (EI), has made a thirty wounded.

on Saturday night, a second suspect has been arrested by british police. The man, 21-year-old was arrested in western suburbs of London, to Hounslow, at around 23: 50 (0: 50, Sunday, French time), said police in a press release Sunday. A search, "related to arrest" was in progress at Stanwell (west suburb of London), she added to mid-day.

first suspect arrested Saturday in Dover

Around 7: 50 (8: 50 a.m. French time) on Saturday, police arrested an 18 year old man for his alleged involvement in " commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism," he said. The attack – fifth in six months in Uk – has been committed in a train full of rush hour around 8: 20 (9: 20 a.m., French time), in station of Parsons Green, located in a wealthy area of south-west London, in middle of an explosive device by hand.

The interior minister, Amber Rudd, has pointed out that re was still " much too early to draw any conclusions ", attack, and that " everything would be done to understand how suspect, 18-year-old radicalized, on BBC Sunday.

arrest of The first suspect, described as "very important" by police, has intervened in departure area of port of Dover, a point of transit to or side of Channel. It has led to evacuation part, of port around 11: 40 (12: 40 pm, French time) in order to enable " search places as a precautionary measure ". This operation has allowed police to put hand on " multiple objects ", while suspect was assumed to be transferred in a police station in London, described Mr. Basu.

According to british media, young man was accommodated in a host family.

In a televised message broadcast at end of an emergency meeting of government, interior minister, Amber Rudd, has stressed Saturday that it was "far too early" to say if it was known to forces of order, as had been said day before Donald Trump on Twitter. These words of u.s. president had upset first minister Theresa May.

" This is an investigation that is progressing very quickly. We have made substantial progress (...) and we will continue to do our best to reduce threats in this country ", said patron saint of police in london, Cressida Dick, on BBC. Police partially evacuated on Saturday, a residential area of Sunbury-on-Thames, about twenty miles south-west of London, establishing a security cordon within a radius of 100 metres around a house to conduct a search.

Level of terrorist alert lowered

Fearing anor attack " imminent ", uk's centre for analysis of terrorism had identified Friday, level of terrorist alert to " critical ", level maxium, for second time in a few months. The level was eventually lowered Sunday to " serious ". The threat of an attack is refore no longer seen as " imminent ", but as "highly likely," said Amber Rudd.

Sunday morning, a British Airways flight from London to Paris, with 130 passengers on board was delayed several hours from airport Roissy-CDG after a false bomb threat, which required temporary evacuation of aircraft.

Theresa May has announced, in a televised message on Friday, that military personnel would be deployed at key sites not accessible to public, to allow for a strengning of presence of police officers in public places, including transport, crowded places and tourist sites. The balance of attack could have been much worse, according to first minister, who said on Friday that explosive device was intended to do " enormous damage ".

pictures posted on Twitter showed a bucket of white burning but little damaged, in a bag of frozen Lidl supermarket inside a subway car, and that would come out of electrical wires. A witness, Peter Crowley, was said to have seen " a ball of fire." The remains of bomb are examined by scientists, according to police. Questioned by AFP, did not want to comment on information of british media according to which self-timer of bomb had not worked and device contained nails and TATP, an explosive popular with jihadists.

London wants a new security treaty with EU

The United Kingdom has been hit in recent months by a wave of attacks which have made thirty-five dead, in a context of multiplication of attacks, jihadists in Europe.

The british government said on Sunday want to conclude with european Union a new security treaty that would continue cooperation in fight against crime and terrorism after Brexit.

" A treaty would provide a legal basis for furr cooperation of police, security and criminal after our exit from EU ", explained executive in a press release circulated before publication on Monday of a working document on subject.


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