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Austria warns that it will strengthen its border if Germany activates returns

Vienna will take measures to protect its borders in the south while waiting for a quick clarification of the position of Berlin

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Austria warns that it will strengthen its border if Germany activates returns

The Austrian Government has affirmed this Tuesday to be "ready to take measures to protect" its borders after restrictions on entry of migrants announced by its German neighbour. Berlin, in framework of agreement to resolve government crisis that broke out in conservative bloc, has agreed last Monday to create internment centres on Bavarian border where migrants would be locked up and ir application for asylum examined. "We will be forced to take steps to avoid disadvantages for Austria and its population" if German government validates its commitment, Vienna explained in a statement released on Tuesday, and added that it is willing "to take steps to protect its borders in The south, especially "with Italy and Slovenia.

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Among measures proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to her minister of Interior, conservative Horst Seehofer, is project to expel asylum seekers to Austria from Germany and that y could not be forwarded to country by Where y entered EU. Austria pointed out that it could implement similar provisions and send asylum seekers to ir sourn borders, with risk of a domino effect being unleashed in Europe.

According to Seehofer, pact envisages a "new border regime" between Germany and Austria, which includes creation of "transit centres" from which it will be possible to reject entry of asylum-seekers who have already been registered in or countries of Union. European Union. For Vienna, it is clear that " agreement between ( ruling German Parties) union Christian Democrat (CDU, Merkel) and Social Democratic Union (CSU, Seehofer) points to Germany taking national measures." We are now waiting for a quick clarification of German position at federal level, "added communiqué, signed by Conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurzy his far-right allies (FPO), chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and Minister of Interior, Herbert Kickl. At same time, Vienna claims to expect that Berlin clarify "quickly" its position — adoption of German plan still requires approval of Social Democratic Party (SPD), a partner of coalition led by Merkel.

"German discussions show once again how important common protection of external borders of European Union is," Austrian government concluded. The tightening of EU immigration policy is one of main points of semi-annual presidency of Community club that Austria took last Sunday, under slogan of a Europe that protects.


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