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Austria will head to the polls on October 15th

In Austria, 6.4 million voters will go to the polls on October 15th to identify new members of the Federal Assembly (Nationalrat). Many politicians, opinions...

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Austria will head to the polls on October 15th
Austria will go to polls on October 15th AA World News Entry Date: 4.10.2017 12:30 In Austria, 6.4 million voters will go to polls on October 15th to identify new members of Federal Assembly (Nationalrat).

Many politicians, opinions, and election that journalist will determine country's progress, is a rare competition in political history of Austria is stage. The methods of politicians to win election are sometimes discussed more than election.

In Austria with a population of 8.7 million, approximately 6.4 million voters will vote to determine new parliament on 15 October.

In 39 electoral regions nationwide, public will go to polls to determine 183 member of new parliament.

22 in country. For federal elections to be held in 9 states, 800 chest, as well as Austrian citizens living outside country, can also vote by letter method.

In country where number of women voters is more than 51.7 percent of men, all Austrian citizens aged 16 have right to vote.

In country, which has been ruled by coalition governments for 34 years, elections on 15 October will be set up as a result of a coalition government, which constitutes a 51 per cent majority in Parliament, with 93 lawmakers, parties or parties.

In Austria, where electoral threshold is 4 percent, no criminal sanctions are applied to those who do not vote in elections.

20% of 2 thousand 55 candidates are Turkish origin

Among two thousand 55 candidates participating in election of 16 parties in country, re are 20 candidates of Turkish descent. In election, approximately 110 thousand voters of Turkish descent can vote.

The new Action Party for future of immigrants in Austria (NBZ) will compete in elections to enter parliament with 8 islands from Vorarlberg region.

All parties call citizens to go to polls, while 22. The most spoken issues in country, which have been visited for general election, include immigration, asylum-seekers, foreign-country compliance, as well as possible center-right and extreme right coalition.

As a result of election, possibility of a coalition-like situation in which Austrian People's Party (praise), led by Wolfgang Schössel in 1999, which caused major repercussions in Europe (PÖP), founded by extreme right-wing Jörg Haider's Freedom Party (FPÖ) The European Union (EU), including living foreigners, is causing concerns.

The Austrian People's Party-list Kurz (praise) 34 per cent, 27 per cent of social Democratic Party, 25 percent of extreme right-wing Austrian Freedom Party, according to latest opinion poll for Austrian heute newspaper by Unique Research, Greens 4 percent, new Austrian Liberal Forum Party (NEOs) 4 percent and list of Greens are expected to take 4 per cent of Pilz.

SPÖ argues Muslims are part of Europe

In electoral programme of Social Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Christian Kern (SPÖ), lowering unemployment rate, accelerating economic growth, securing minimum wage to $500 euros, and those with income under a thousand 500 euros are exempt from tax While subjects such as Eclipse are first ranked, y are followed by reforms to be made in fields of inheritance tax, education and health to over a million heritage owners.

Voicing every opportunity that Muslims are part of Austria, Kern is taking care not to change Turkey, Islam, asylum seekers, immigration issues during electoral process.

Praise to one-to-one election campaign

The 31-year-old Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz, who undertook resignation of praise in May, after his predecessor, Reinhold Mitterlehner, is cited as most ambitious name of elections.

Kurz, who collected all powers, made unconventional changes to 72-year praise, allowing candidates from outside party to be nominated from Praise list. He also changed black color used to represent party with turquoise. For first time in Austria, a leader party has been in front of se changes.

In 2015, ban on burka, especially in case of changing Islamic law of 100 years, is architect of applications such as closure of Balkan route to asylum seekers, and rhetoric of extreme right-wing fö to asylum seekers, minorities and Muslims almost By moving it to a one-to-one selection program, it's vote of extreme right.

In Kurz election campaign, number of refugees and migrants coming to country is reduced to zero, while people in country often bring about issues such as foreigners ' compliance, asylum seekers being sent to countries with negative consequences, He has proposed legislation to restrict personal freedoms by citing his safety.

The Kurz, advocating that Turkey's entry negotiations to EU should be stopped, does not address issues concerning domestic policy, but Mediterranean's closure to asylum seekers, closure of Brenner crossing point on Italian-Austrian border, within EU It gives priority to issues such as extending border controls.

In general election in 2013, Öp, which took 24 per cent of vote, aims to emerge as first party under leadership of Sebastian Kurz.

FPÖ defends democracy directly

In election campaign of extreme right-wing fö, which is leader of Heinz Christian Strache, issues of Islamic hostility, foreign opposition and closure of borders to asylum seekers constitute most important titles, as party in Switzerland He defends democracy.

The new leader of ÖVP, Kurz, accused him of impersonating and taking policies that his party has defended for many years, Strache wants to move 46 per cent vote of presidential election to general elections.

Green is expected to receive lowest game in history

Following resignation of Eva Glawischnig, who has been President of Greens for many years, Peter Pilz, one of oldest members of party, explained that it would be a distinct occurrence, causing greens to live hard days.

In ir campaigns, Green Party is expected to receive lowest in its history with 4 per cent of latest opinion polls, giving inheritance tax, location of renewable energy to fossil fuels, and abolition of full-day education.

Some MPs of party, known for its opposition to Turkey, are known to support terrorist organisation PKK's actions in country. At party with co-chairing system, Ulrike Lunacek and Ingrid Felipe share a leadership seat.

NEOs defends self-study in education '

Founded in 2012 under leadership of Mattias Stroz, NEOs, who entered National Assembly in 2013 elections, is known for its liberal and pro-EU rhetoric.

In NEOs's electoral programme, political parties ' restrictions on government, autonomy of education, reduction of taxes, headlines stand out.

' wants to close Turkish institutions '

Peter Pilz, who separated from Greens party, created a mouse faction, is known for its accusations against Turkey and Turkish institutions in country.

The list, which does not clearly reveal its political program, wants to close institutions that have been operating for years in country, such as Austrian Turkish Islamic Union (ATIB) and European Union of Turkish Democrats (UETD).


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