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Azuqueca exhibits muscle citizen in his traditional 'Parade of floats'

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Azuqueca exhibits muscle citizen in his traditional 'Parade of floats'

almost 3,000 residents of this town are dumped on this party

The 'Parade of floats' that Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara) houses this Sunday not only is one of central axes of fairs and festivals of this town. Also has become, four decades later, an emblem of civic participation. By tenacity of nearly 3,000 neighbors who participate in preparation of floats and by exercise of coexistence that is a built in icon holiday of a town that symbolizes strength of industrial belt that connects Guadalajara with Madrid. Azuqueca de Henares is, with around 36,000 inhabitants census, second most populous city of Guadalajara -after capital - and one of lungs economic of Castilla-La Mancha.

Seated on what in his day was ancient roman road Emerita-Caesaraugusta, is a municipality that has shaped its growth at root of 'boom' demographic that provoked rural exodus from decade of 60 of century XX. Today it is a municipality become a knot of capital of logistics in south of Europe, with a rate of youth population much higher than regional average and with a capacity of citizen mobilization that has led it to be distinguished from causes related to equality, solidarity and cooperation.

José Luis Blanco, mayor of Azuqueca, points out that in this municipality, "we do not have a cadral, we do not have castle, we don't have palace, but we have an intangible heritage of which we are very proud of: collaborative model of coexistence that we have developed since many years ago and that floats are biggest example."

Imagination and delivery citizen

This "collaborative model" as referred to by first mayor azudense is forged during months prior to parade, which are a hotbed of work for 25 peñas public Azuqueca and almost three thousands of neighbors who participate in se activities. A ship of more than 3,000 square meters donated by city Council serves as an enclave to house se jobs. The design and preparation of floats is decided in traditional way: each rock choose me of carriages, in addition to type of mounting, materials used and painting.

this cocktail of imagination, ripening through an intense exercise of citizen participation, arise floats that stand out for ir brilliance and ir mounts spectacular, wher in form of fortresses, viking ship, musical instruments, or train cars.

The architects of 'Parade of floats', which this year meets 42 consecutive years to be held, are rocks of city. "We are a group of lifelong friends and it is exciting to build float every year, we have good environment and working toger for months, strengns our friendship," says a member of rock The Shamrock, one of participants in organization of this event that awakens interest of thousands of people every year. "This parade is one of our greatest prides as a city," says Charo Martín, councillor for Fiestas azudense.

The increasing interest and skill in preparation of floats has intensified level of this feast and number of visitors. "I remember how first floats came out pulled by a tractor, and today majority of rocks has ir own platform where y work for several months day and night. They are works of art full of originality with a careful mise en scene," adds Martin.

"we Spent many hours in a disinterested way for you to enjoy all people and people that visit us," says Eduardo Meco, president of Federation of Peñas Public Azuqueca and a member of rock Coven. In addition, emphasizes " illusion and love" that used peñistas. "Each rock is a family and in this task we gar thousands of people, that is a real outrage", he adds.

In 2009, Board of Castilla-La Mancha gave to this feast declaration of Regional Attractions under " creativity, joy, determination and participation that characterize feast, which now acquires prestige, something very important for tourism." The city Council of Azuqueca, after consolidating this tradition, aspires to be recognized with band of Fiesta of National Tourist Interest, so it intends to initiate procedures in brief to achieve this certification.

The parade will take place this Sunday starting at nine in evening through streets of centre of Azuqueca. The vote of a professional jury from world of performing arts will decide which one is float winner. In parallel, citizen participation through a mobile application, designed by Consistory for parade, will decide what rocks are winning.


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