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Bad storm balance-"comparable to Kyrill 2007"

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Bad storm balance-

Hurricane Xavier leaves chaos and destruction in norrn Germany. The bitter record so far: seven deaths. Countless trees are overturned, public transport is still paralyzed a day later. Thousands of travellers are stuck at train stations. Especially bad, it had caught north and east.

Particularly severely affected are Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. There were four deaths in Brandenburg alone, and anor three people died in Berlin, Hamburg and Schwerin.

Everywhere in Berlin, fallen trees and broken branches blocked street Photo: Imago

The German wear service described "Xavier" as worst hurricane in Berlin and Brandenburg for a decade.

In Brandenburg, wind speeds of up to 122 km/h were measured. The climate scientist Mojib Latif of Kiel Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research described Xavier as a "fast runner". "This is a storm that is not necessarily predictable. This low-pressure area is called because it can really move extremely fast, with 100 hours of mileage. "

This is how meteorologists see Xavier on a par with Hurricane Kyrill, which devastated 2007 Germany. Hurricane Kyrill had claimed 13 deaths in Germany and left serious damage to forest stocks.

Hurricane rages over Germany
  • Xavier rages over Berlin policy expert in storm of tree slaying

    Thursday raged Storm "Xavier" over Berlin. A woman died. Image information is policy expert Dr. Sylke Tempel.

  • Live ticker to stormy chaos still all Friday

    The storm Xavier has cost at least seven lives and is responsible for chaos in near and long-distance traffic.

The fact that trees still carried a large part of ir foliage was particularly devastating on Thursday. So y offered force a lot of attack surface, so that many were torn by storm.

Access to a subway station in Berlin is BlockiertFoto by a fallen tree: Maurizio Gambarini/DPA

Many of deaths died in car. A woman in Berlin was killed when a tree crashed on car. In Brandenburg, a person in car was also killed by a tree, at Schwerin a lorry driver in driver's cab was slain by a tree.

Even after his passage, Xavier employed people of North and east

Railway Companies warn: "Better not drive."

On platforms, hundreds are waiting for an S-Bahn photo: Imago

Especially in railways re is chaos. Public transport is slowly restarting, but long-distance traffic continues to be massively disrupted. Thousands of travellers are still stuck. There is no progress from Berlin Central Station. The Council of desperate travellers is always same: "Go on anor day."

With helicopters, train flies off tracks to get an overview of damage, according to a rail spokeswoman.

Even on Friday, hundreds of travelers waited in vain for a way to travel furr photo: Maurizio Gambarini/Picture-Alliance

Even around a day after storm "Xavier" railway can not release many routes yet again. On some routes no train traffic was possible on this Friday, Deutsche Bahn shared afternoon. This relates routes from Berlin to Hanover, from Berlin to Hamburg and from Hamburg to Ruhr area.

Stranded travellers could at least stay in hotel trains. These are turned off trains which at least have electricity and heating VerfügenFoto: Mug/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock a B AUM blocks tracks on a Berlin S-Bahn stop Photo: Ralf Hirsch Berger/DPA

The night spent many stranded in hotels or in some trains provided by train. For example, re were three overnight trains in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, where about 1000 travellers stayed hanging. There were also so-called hotels trains in Berlin at main station and at Spandau and Südkreuz stations as well as at main railway stations in Cologne, Dortmund, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Hamburg and Hanover. In Minden alone, 470 passengers had to spend night in several trains at station.

The Metronome Railway company has asked travellers to do without rail travel on Fridays and weekends.

Thousands without electricity in West Mecklenburg and Prignitz

In West Mecklenburg re were still around 4000 customers without electricity in afternoon. According to supplier Wemag, region of Hagenow and Brandenburg Prignitz south of federal border were affected. There were several, some very large trees fallen into pipes, said a spokeswoman of energy supplier Wemag. The repair work was difficult. Kuhrau assumed that more than 1000 customers would not be on net again in evening.

Immediately after storm, 35 000 customers had been affected by power outage. All available forces were in use, including Technical assistance Unit and neighbouring Stadtwerke, said spokeswoman. The Wemag have set up a crisis staff. "Due to severity of proportions, we ask our customers for ir understanding."

Storm leaves millions of damage

Employees of THW mountains with heavy equipment a tree that crashed on a house IstFoto: Jens Dudziak/DPA

To chaos re are still innumerable fallen trees that have yet to be transported. Only makeshift are streets cleared. The cleanup will still take days.

Xavier will cost German insurers up to 200 million euros after a first estimate. There is not yet a detailed overview of economic damage.

As early as September 13th, three people had fallen victim to Hurricane Sebastian. On August 2, during a storm, a 15-year-old was slain in his tent during a holiday free time, and several young people were seriously injured.

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