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Berlusconi accepts Salvini to lead coalition

The Excavaliere believes that they can form a government, but the leader of the league holds that the Democratic Party will end up negotiating with the M5S

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Berlusconi accepts Salvini to lead coalition

Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia) has needed several days to begin digesting electoral defeat and accepting reality. It was hard. But league, its coalition partner, has surpassed it in votes and deputies and, as agreed, it will be one who takes command of negotiations to form government. The chances of that happening now depend on Matteo Salvini and not on who has been in all government negotiations in recent Italy.

This Wednesday, in an interview published by Il Corriere della Sera, Excavaliere gave first signs that he is accepting his defeat. "The league has achieved a great success and I am happy for m. Along with result of Forza Italia has been decisive to lead Coalition to be first force of Parliament and country. Now, in respect of our agreements, we will loyally support attempt by [Matteo] Salvini to create a government. I'm sure he'll get it. "

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It is now up to Matteo Salvini to open playing field and fight an Italian establishment that, in a very clear way, begins to position itself in favor of a pact between Democratic Party (PD) and 5-Star Movement (M5S). And league leader knows that. In bosom of Poteri Forti, as he calls m — "banks, chic radical, Europe, media...", he launched day after his victory — he now worries more about his possible arrival to government than that of a much more focused M5S, accompanied by left. In fact, employers and some industry representatives, such as Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchione, have already given green light that y are not afraid of that possibility.

But as conversations between different fronts and PD are moving silently, it is debated between negotiating with M5S or slamming door, as its secretary general Matteo Renzi defends, government in office begins to contemplate Possibility of a long period of transition. In fact, minister of Economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, has to prepare already document before law of budgets that contemplates all economic maneuvers (document of economy and finances) and will have to consult with groups in Liza. The situation is complicated and it is not ruled out to form a government between all parties in order to advance most important laws.


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