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Beyond the porch of our house

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Beyond the porch of our house

Fundación Mapfre opens a great retrospective of work of Nicholas Nixon, one of great photography of TWENTIETH century

That afternoon from summer of ' 80 that we fell in love along Charles river. The first day of vacation, my dad and I on Memorial Drive sitting on bank of river. The photo on porch of our house in Hide Park Avenue that we did photographer who took both that we forget him...

The Fundación Mapfre inaugurates an exhibition of Nicholas Nixon, one of greats of TWENTIETH century. In ir work y highlight portrait and series, genres with absolute austerity technique, captures essence of everyday worlds so close that it seem to our own world.

As a family album, photographs are open windows to intimacy of a long-forgotten Images of moments that y were. Nostalgia and fear. And among details, density of personal stories, feelings and emotions. How was wearing n cut hair, I still remember that house, what a young man was grandfar!

The exhibition includes more than 200 snapshots that are on a rigorous tour of work of master american between 1974 and 2017. "It is best show that has ever made about my work", he acknowledged in presentation to press's own Nixon. Were taken with your camera preferred: a large-format plates of 8 x 10 inches. Something that does not prevent that in its early days, like not! I used a Leica "as Henri Cartier Bresson". It was by French master for whom he became a photographer, buying a Leica when I was a student. Soon realized that I needed anor tool. Opted for huge cameras with legs, that has been continuously used until now.

The sample has a chronological. The images of section Views, which include early photos of Alburquerque, New York and Boston. Moments surgical of cities without a soul, remote bare that points to its own essence. Soon left behind. Only two years later, Nixon decided to use portrait, a genre that becomes best instrument to channel ir photographic interests. With its enormous apparatus in tow, a pilgrim through suburbs bostonians and enters in more humble homes of Kentucky or Florida. By dint of patience and simplicity connected with its people.

So born series priceless as Porches, succession of characters in entrance of ir homes, forget photographer and teach all that re is beyond those porches. The elderly reflects life in senior centers and hospitals. Intimate photographs, whose proximity makes details spill over its banks. Aids summarizes his work on affected disease that in 80's was devastating.

Away from fatalism that was to be believed, Nixon is a man of optimism. "What I like most is to make a new picture and see you smile with Bibi in morning," he acknowledged in front of his most famous series, carried out since 43 years ago. Each year he makes a photograph of his wife and her three sisters. Unique, rigorous, excruciating and unrelenting photographic act, more than sisters Brown, who portrays Nixon is at time. At this time we are going between hands, while almost always we don't do anything or than nothing and that this master of his step dressage at flick of a snapshot.

Series and portraits where Nixon becomes titan of time. With slow step and expected oceanic abate relentless race of cronos. surgical Precision that stops clock that pushes moments, to leave m re, immobile, like hang ir pictures on walls of Mapfre.


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