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Boris Johnson challenges May with his own plan for a Brexit "glorious"

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Boris Johnson challenges May with his own plan for a Brexit "glorious"

The Foreign secretary dismisses rumors about his candidacy with his manifesto of 4,000 words in The Daily Telegraph

Boris Johnson admits for first time that Uk will have to pay for Brexit

Boris Johnson has decided to take gauntlet and challenge "premier" Theresa May with his own plan for a Brexit "glorious". The Foreign secretary has desmarado with its own manifesto of 4,000 words in pages of influential conservative daily The Daily Telegraph, become for a day in something like The Boris Telegraph.

The timing, six days before speech of Theresa May on Brexit in Florence and in absence of two weeks for annual conference of Conservative Party in Manchester, has fueled rumors of a possible candidacy alternative that was considered in his day as favourite to succeed David Cameron, discredited, however, by his lies during referendum campaign and for its role as holder of Foreign Office.

The "lie" most high-profile of campaign, target weekly of 350 million pounds of contributions to EU to public health, figure, precisely as head of cartel in its list of promises. The controversial figure, challenged by Institute of Fiscal Studies and by Statistical Authority, British, returns to become cornerstone of his plan for a Brexit "hard".

"The United Kingdom will not pay for access to single market", argues Johnson, who claims that follow, keeping economic ties with 27 or staying in customs union would be as "making a mockery" of outcome of referendum. The holder of Foreign affairs does not even mention possibility of a transitional period after Brexit, that will surely be storyline of Theresa May in a speech in Florence.

Johnson also leaves aside question of "bill" of divorce from EU, rights of european immigrants or future of border of Ireland: three great obstacles that stand in negotiations with Brussels.

The United Kingdom, he warns, will not give "face to immigrants", but will open to "talent" exterior, even having to impose your own filters and by limiting ability of foreigners to buy houses in Uk, including " inhabitants of or 27 countries that can no longer be treated legally as foreigners."

The plan Johnson for Brexit "glorious" passes by a greater liberalization of economy, for a comprehensive reform of tax system and abolition of VAT on tampons (anor of his peculiar horses of battle). His last two and generic promises are invesión in infrastructure and acceleration of research in genetic rapies.

In same tone bombastic employed during referendum campaign, before his traveling companion (Michael Gove will asestara "stab" in back that thwarted his candidacy, Johnson promises to take opportunity of Brexit to make Uk " best country on face of Earth."


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