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Bosnia-Herzegovina, students against l'apartheid, ethnic: "Give us the freedomà of become adults together"

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Bosnia-Herzegovina, students against l'apartheid, ethnic: "Give us the freedomà of become adults together"
Usually students are on strike becauseé rebelliousness is part of spirit of youth, or protesting against 'authoritarianism of teachers. By us and in France, risks of sixty-Eight partsì as admiration of totalitarian systems and had a horrible, sad mouth in terrorism of anni di piombo.But not always è così. In one of countries of più poor'Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, girls and boys defy power in name of right to study and grow toger, in common classes. And not più segregated according to peculiar system prevailing in State ex-yugoslav system dell'aparid, ethnic origin, according to which in many schools classes are formed depending on your ethnic background: if you 'Bosniak' (bosnian muslim), bosnian croat n a catholic, bosnian Serbian and n orthodox. "Not all' embargo on libertà, no to politicians, libertà in 'education, libertà to study and become adults toger," shout to girls and boys of three ethnic groups united in ir peaceful marches. Defy law, and many teachers are with m, against government.The school segregation is in force mainly in central part of Bosnia, where re is mixing between three ethnic groups or national or religious or whatever you wish to call m. Bosnia-Herzegovina became independent by rebelling decades ago at turn authoritarian, centralist, and at bottom is contrary to federal Constitution of Yugoslavia created by marshal Tito. After death of Tito, nationalist serb Slobodan Milosevic tentò to upset federal system titoista. A after l' or, yugoslavian republics responded by invoking right to secession. First Slovenia, n Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.In quest' last republic, atrocità committed in Nineties by troops of Milosevic against same Constitution titoista were particularly horrific: suffice it to recall massacre of Srebrenica. To make a long story short, Nato intervened più times against massacres and ethnic cleansing of 'strong man who had usurped in Belgrade power of Tito stravolgendolo, and in end l'military action of ' atlantic Alliance and n democratic revolution against Milosevic wizard to Belgrade from youth movements serbs, Zoran Djindjic and mrs Vesna Pesic, such as leading pro-europeans, y brought end of Yugoslavia is fall of Milosevic. The dictator finì sub-process to international court of ' Hague and took his own life in cell. But his followers, russofili and are often tied to Moscow, assassinated Zoran Djindjic. In recent years, under leadership of pro-european and modernizing of Aleksandar Vucic first premier, n president,now joined by young premier degree in UK and Lgbt declared, Ana Brnabic, Serbia is moving towards a stable economic growth, in fight against corruption, and nostalgia, and towards l'integration in 'Europe, with Italy and Germany as partners-key.

 student Protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Share    Più complex is situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in fact. The government wanted a system of ethnic separation, claiming to be inspired by school systems in european countries are multi-ethnic as Belgium or Switzerland. But students don't want to know, and fall in square. Have già collected ir first victories with l'repeal of separate classes in some schools, particularly in Travnik and Jajce, cityà- stronghold of ir movement. And encouraged by initial successes, ask l'general removal of segregation at school. We want to study and grow toger, have fun toger, if appropriate, establish couples toger, those who study toger, having fun toger or you fall in love you don't ask l'a l' or of which ethnicity or religion you are, say leaders of student movement as Amar Kundalic, one of leaders, and explains: "If politicians do not give up entirely because it'aparid in classrooms we will never have a country of coexistence and progress". "we will Continue to fight against this form of fascism school", presses young bosnian Croatian Nikolas Rimac, leader of movement to Jajce. "The reverse gears of government are just first step, we are in twenty-first century and in ages dark".Reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is slow, vent'years after horrors of war. But young people are determined to build, on benches of school and on piazza, and tomorrow by a new ruling class. Many teachers support ir students. "If you raise Walls and barriers in schools, primary and secondary, you can never allow young people to ask mselves, how to socialize among ethnic groups in country," said Sabina Ruzdijic, mamatics teacher at Jajce, cited by Reuters. He adds: "I Admire se guys, y are my inspiration, my heroes, y give me motivation to do my work as a teacher". The processions of girls and boys extend ir protest to european modernist, non-violent and civil continues.


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