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Brazil makes a sanitary cordon to isolate the right-wing Bolsonaro

The electoral path seemed cleared for the exmilitary, but it has received only negatives from its potential allies

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Brazil makes a sanitary cordon to isolate the right-wing Bolsonaro

The race for presidency of Brazil to succeed Michel to fear has begun to take shape with opening of deadline for parties to decide candidates for elections in October. With leader in prison surveys — former President Lula da Silva, with 33% in voting intent, according to Ibope Institute — road seemed cleared for second, Army Captain Jair Bolsonaro, an ultra-right-winger with 17% support. But Bolsonaro, who was presented yesterday by tiny Liberal Social party, has received nothing but negatives from those who looked like his potential allies.

Bolsorano, a 63-year-old candidate of Social Liberal Party (PSL), is experiencing closure of main center-right parties, with which he could form an alliance to strengn his candidacy. First was Partido da Republica (PR), one of most important among five Centroderechistas, which last Tuesday was definitively refused to form a coalition with Bolsonaro; Something that guaranteed more TV time and more money for campaign. The same day, Exmilitaries tried to close ranks with commander of Brazilian forces in Haiti, General Augusto Heleno (of Progressive Republican Party), seen as a second option for vice-presidency. But pact didn't work out eir.

For supporters of Bolsonaro, most important alliance had to be concreted with PR, because that way it would have an evangelical senator, Magno Malta, to gain space among religious electorate. However, demands of ultra-right-wing to seal pact were unviable. "Bolsonaro wanted us not to be with him in Rio de Janeiro — where his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, is present as a federal deputy — and not to apoyáramos Workers ' Party (PT) in two or states, such as Bahía and Minas Gerais," explains a politician who was in Negotiations. Some 144 million voters will go to polls in Brazil in October to vote for future president and governors of 27 states of country, in addition elect ir deputies and senators. The parties, refore, want to be more competitive in most important regions, precisely in which Bolsonaro wanted to put restrictions.

If, on one hand, excess of confidence of exmilitaries has placed it well among population, political chess which begins now has just isolated it. Bolsonaro has tried to impose his own rules, some that obviously benefited him and that harmed his potential allies, so parties have been estranged from a candidate who in each public event promotes rude speeches that affect Minorities, women and democratic institutions. In a recent interview he warned that if he leaves elected he will change constitution to increase from 11 to 21 Supreme Court judges during his government, imitating strategy of Venezuelan Hugo Chaves in 2004, and of military in Brazil during dictatorship ( 1964-1985).

The ultra-rightist has never hidden his appreciation for military, and he already said he expects half of his ministry to be military. He was surprised when he voted for impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff and announced that he supported General Brilhante Ustra, executioner who commanded torture of Rousseff during dictatorship, and promoted things like taking children of political prisoners to See how ir parents were tortured.

It has, however, support of a part of population, mostly middle-class men, who see in it a courageous candidate of a loose tongue, contrary to dictatorship of politically correct, including causes of women and LGBT groups. In a meeting with entrepreneurs — all white in a black-majority country — he was applauded six times. One when he said he loved military in his government. "I do want generals in ministries. What's matter? The former put terrorists and corrupt and nobody said anything, "he argued, referring to governments of Dilma Rousseff and Lula. Bolsonaro also started applause of his followers when he said that y are taking away joy of living people because y can not make more jokes of Afro-descendants, without taking into account that 50% of Brazilians are black.

More guns and more penalties

Charismatic and with phrases of effect to present easy solutions to complex problems, ultra-right-winger gained muscle thanks to wave of criticism that Workers ' Party received when he dismissed Rousseff in August 2016. Popular in social networks, he always shares videos of enthusiasm he arouses among his constituents in different cities.

He speaks of himself as an honest man, who has no complaint of corruption and who defends a rigid policy in public security. He wants more severe penalties for murderers, more power for police, free acquisition of weapons and chemical castration for rapists.

Politically isolated now he accuses those who abandon him of being same who sponsor corruption of political system in country. It is only first round in Brazil's election campaign that officially begins on August 15, when all candidacies will be officially presented.

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