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Brazil : Michel Temer again accused of corruption

The attorney general, who must leave office in three days, has filed a request for impeachment of the president of the country.

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Brazil : Michel Temer again accused of corruption

The attorney general, who must leave office in three days, has filed a request for impeachment of president of country.

Before leaving office, Rodrigo Janot has shot his last arrow. Deadly, he hoped. Thursday, 14 September, prosecutor general of Republic in Brazil, a figure of anti-corruption fighter hard of unprincipled politicians, whose mandate expires on 17, has filed with supreme Court an indictment against Michel Temer, president of Republic. The prosecutor accuses chief of State of "participation in a criminal organisation" and " obstruction of justice ".

A historic initiative that, in a Brazil transformed into a vaudeville where transit of suitcases of dirty money, takes form of an ordinary crime.

This is second complaint in less than two months against president. A measure that could lead to his dismissal. The first, for " passive corruption ", had been barred by Congress. Thanks to support of one third of deputies, head of State had escaped, in August, to a trial infamous.

Supports pass

according To analysts, this second procedure could meet same fate. Skillful and pugnacious, Michel Temer, soon to be 77 years old, is known as a master of negotiations politicians. In exchange for favours, granted to members, in particular those which have been described as " lower clergy ", belonging to small parties, it sold for about its support left to open door to texts expensive and polemic (aimed, for example, to open nature reserves to mining).

To escape, and that president who presents himself as a man in suffering, "persecuted" by a prosecutor who himself vouerait an "enmity " capital", is also benefiting from slight recovery of economy, which he claims credit, and of treachery of its own whistle-blowers.

For record, seventy-year-old is suspected of having bought silence of detainees, including former president of chamber of deputies, Eduardo Cunha, member like him of Party of democratic movement brazilian (PMDB, has historically been at centre of political spectrum, but now listed to right) who is serving a sentence of fifteen years in prison as part of investigation anti-corruption "Lava-Jato" (Lavage express).


Michel Temer is also presented as "ringleader," of a vast distribution network of pot-de-vin. Among his minions would be nicknamed " man with suitcase ", Rocha Loures, suspected to have been bearer of a case of 500,000 reais of kickbacks paid to m by agribusiness giant JBS or her ex-minister Geddel Viera Lima, arrested after discovery of a pile of 51 million reais in liquid bearing imprint of his middle finger and his little finger left.

The record of clandestine conversation between Michel Temer and Joesley Batista, one of owners of group JBS, in garage of residence in Brasilia, on march 7, in dark of night helped to support prosecution. The tape was delivered to police by same Joesley Batista. But, latest twists and turns of case lead us to believe that contractor would be pre-arranged with a member of public prosecutor's office to provide se items in order to escape him-even in prison. A vaudeville, it was said.

political Corpse

It's weird. Even if Michel Temer to avoid a trial, arrow shot by Rodrigo Janot remains fatal.

Appreciated by just 5% of Brazil, Michel Temer takes form of a political corpse. If financial markets still believe in him, reforms that it intends to carry out seem if it is compromised, to say least, reduced to bare minimum. Become incarnation of decadence of an old world of politics, where left, as right involved in affairs villainous, it is inaudible, or even despised.

Relatives of overdose, Brazilians, will prefer, for time, look away, rar than manifest, nose upturned in meantime presidential election of 2018, which will lead, y hope, a renewal.


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