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Brexit, the speech of Boris Johnson between support for May and gaffe

The British foreign Minister supports Theresa May in his speech from the stage of the Congress of Conservatives in Manchester, while making a glimpse of a ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 11:33 - 21 reads.

Brexit, the speech of Boris Johnson between support for May and gaffe
London – "Let British Lion go to roar." It is final joke of speech of Boris Johnson at Conservative Congress of Manchester and explodes audience: all standing to applaud him, a riot reserved to no or speaker. The Foreign Minister seasoned proud nationalist slogan for a Great Britain "global" post-Brexit with words of support to Theresa May, but his effervescent intervention sounds same as a candidacy at Downing Street: If not immediately, between A few months or in a year. Not by chance this morning Daily Telegraph dedicates an opening to front page, Affibbiandogli a nickname Churchilliano: "The Roaring lion", Roaring lion. The animal symbol of United Kingdom, used many times by premier of Second World War in its thundering appeals to country. Someone, in labour field, quips that roar of lion Boris seems for now lamentous "Meow of a kitten", because unable to solve central question on horizon: Brexit. Indeed, while swearing allegiance to positions expressed by Premier May in speech of Florence (a transition of two years after end of negotiations with Brussels, in which everything will remain as it is now), Johnson does not withdraw conditions he set in an article of Newspaper and in an interview that contradict much of Conservative leader's plan. And party remains divided on exit from EU, as confirmed by rumors that various ministers would be favorable to prolong transition to end of 2021.Ma a new gaffe disturbs former mayor of London, albeit strengned by its brilliant Appearance on podium of Congress. In speech, all about optimism on democracy and capitalism, Johnson said at some point that Libya "could become Dubai", which is a tourist and bathing centre, if only cleanse beaches of Gulf of Sirte "from corpses". A comment that commentators and same exponents of his party judge "unworthy" of head of diplomacy, inviting premier to Destituirlo immediately from task. And that raises new doubts about his ambition to replace sooner or later Theresa May at Downing Street. of aspirants in place of leader of Tories and head of government, moreover, in relative majority party re are also ors, beginning with young leader of Conservatives in Scotland, anti-Brexit and lesbian declared, Ruth Davidson. This morning in Manchester speaks premier. His spokesmen have already spread excerpts and substance of his message: "Enough with internal divisions, we must unite for good of country." Words not really original or messianic, which hardly raise consensus towards him. Theresa May seems to come out of Manchester appointment certainly not stronger, more feeble. Busy negotiating ir future with members of an executive split between moderate and radical, it seems difficult that premier can really decide how to negotiate on Brexit.Ma time is shaking, as vote reminded yesterday overwhelming majority Of European Parliament which has judged "not enough" progress made so far in negotiation. "We will not be able to discuss future trade relations until we regulate conditions of London exit from EU," warns president of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. Next week begins fifth round of negotiations, increasingly similar to a boxing match. We'll see if in ring, in future, it will rise roaring "lion" Boris Johnson.


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