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Brother of the Las Vegas killer: "I hope you find a tumor"

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Brother of the Las Vegas killer:

His left hand is on his head, which he repeatedly shakes. Eric Paddock is clueless, he sniffles, his eyes are wet, his voice drowns in tears and composure. His bror murdered 58 people in Las Vegas, 527 injured and n shot himself.

Even three days later, Eric Paddock finds absolutely no explanation for it. Stephen was a wealthy retiree, no one dared to harm him. The question of why is now crying out to every one of Eric's features. In despair and confusion about this incredible deed, he tries to get answers in an interview with CBS News.

"I hope that you will find a tumor in his head when you do autopsy," says Eric, and shows with this sentence that he is barely able to be bror of greatest mass murderer of recent US history. No one else has killed so many civilians with a rifle. 

Massacre in Las Vegas police released Bodycam videos Source: image/Reuters 1:57 min.


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