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BTK'dan "blue whale" game alert

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BTK'dan "blue whale" game alert
  • "blue whale" is threatening adolescents!
  • experts 'blue whale' alert.

information and Communication Technologies authority said in a statement, " blue whale" called "killer game"in world caused m to commit suicide 130 young people, children and young people specified that threatened.

in Turkey pointed to suicide, and findings shared on subject of BTK.

according to description, The game is browser-based and social media environments, such as a "Game Manager" with link sent secretly by reaching out to children. Standard for prevention of game address. The game is being played by private sharing links between users.

parents are ir children's internet and social media should be informed of what y do from games highlighted that it played in following warning statement found in:

"people who want to play game, supposedly of game by Manager virus Internet hackers sent a link to content in view. Sent this link to personal information, phishing, stolen about people in ir immediate social environment young people through threats, blackmail, and cyber bullying are exposed to. The conscious choice of participants of game, game manufacturer of a variety of macabre with task desired to be done at night with ir mental health is deteriorating. For 50 days at end of this ongoing process, on people who are playing game wrong, he is awakened by a feeling of worthlessness and suicide as routing values provided by last task."

in a statement today, painting of modern life and influence of children and young people referring to increase time you spend on internet alone "Today, to be at a computer at home ir children 'safe' doesn't mean y are," assessment said.

The issues to be considered are presented as follows:

- The children fall into any traps of this kind in internet and social media to prevent incidents and sad, ir parents must necessarily follow patterns of children's internet use.

- Families, children play games toger, y have to decide not necessarily.

- The time you spend on internet and at beginning of game and game must be appropriate for limitation of age of children.

- in internet environment as "unknown strangers" to be approached with suspicion, and those that could have dangerous consequences in terms of lives of individuals should be explained to children.

- Families must demonstrate responsible parenting approaches in this regard, an expert if necessary to get support from ir children in social activities and social networks guided to m by a friend, y must be aware of steps internet.


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