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Burma, target of Al Qaeda

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Burma, target of Al Qaeda

The UN, with ir hands tied by Russia and China to "genocide" rohingya

The repression of rohingya, an "ethnic cleansing " of book"

Burma admits that at least 176 people rohingya have been emptied of residents

The armed group, rohingya declares a cease-fire with magnitude of repression

Aware of irreparable damage caused to its entire community, including Army Rohingya of Salvation Arakan (ERSA) it has been detached from all ties with extremist groups international, hours after Al-Qaeda call on muslims around world that send "aid, weapons and military support" to rohingya, minority subjected to a blatant campaign of ethnic cleansing by Army of Burma.

"ERSA understands that it is necessary to make clear that we do not have links with Al-Qaeda, Islamic Army of Iraq and Syria, Lashkar-e-Taiba or any or terrorist group, transnational, and that we do not admit involvement of se groups in conflict in Arakan," wrote group on social networks. "ERSA is calling on all agents in region to intercept and prevent terrorists from coming into Arakan, and to worsen situation, and he wants to clarify that it is ready to work with Intelligence services to support ir anti-terrorist efforts".

The offer may be too late. The images of massacres, tortures, arson of villages and desperate exodus of refugees has triggered an enormous impact in muslim world, until point strikes rohingya of " new palestinians", as it has been written in press in asia. From Indonesia to Malaysia, from Iraq to Iran, anger of ethnic-cleansing campaign has mobilized leaders and religious associations, many in search of popularity as prime minister, a bangladeshi, Sheikh Hasina, who has taken advantage of his visit to fields to denounce " fashion of assaults against muslims around world. muslim Refugees wandering here and re. We have seen body of Aylan on beach. Now we see dead bodies of children in river Naf. Why?".

The crisis has also fueled passionate demonstrations and even political initiatives. Kuala Lumpur's attempts to engender support to accomplish expulsion of Burma from Association of Souast Asian Nations (ASEAN), most important regional entity. "ASEAN risks losing credibility and international confidence if group continues to ignore cause rohingya", wrote in Bangkok Post, former secretary-general, Surin Pitsuwan.

A woman rohingya mourns death of her baby for 40 days during ir exodus into Bangladesh. MOHAMMAD PONIR HOSSAINREUTERS

The discontent is trying to be capitalized by Al-Qaeda, who has pledged to Burma that "you'll pay for your crimes,". In a communication intercepted by SITE, specialized in communication of jihadi groups, organization called on "brors mujahedeen in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Philippines that are addressed to Burma and make necessary preparations, including training, to resist oppression". "Burma must prove same thing that our muslim brors have tried" is added.

A possible involvement external would end up giving reason to burmese authorities, who justify ir war crimes by challenge presented by "terrorist extremists" of ERSA, not to mention that more than a third-if not half - of population of rohingya have paid a high price for actions of a tiny group.

Yesterday, Government of Naypyidaw admitted that "cleansing campaign" of Tatmadaw (Army) you have emptied a few 176 of 471 villages rohingya of Rakhine state, home to offensive of greater part of muslim minority, estimated at 1.1 million people. According to government spokesperson burmese, Zaw Htay, in addition to about 34 urban centres, have remained partially empty, which comes to confirm accusations of "ethnic cleansing" made by UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, or high commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid al Hussein. Almost 40% of Rakhine muslim has been uninhabited.

it Is estimated that an estimated 400,000 people have managed to cross into Bangladesh fleeing violence, and sources rohingya point to or 100,000 displaced people remain in interior of Burma, waiting to cross borders. For Government of Naypyidaw, re are only 30,000 displaced arakaneses, buddhists, and hindus, who have fled ir villages by violence.

The fiction you live in Burma has led to its leader, civil, Nobel Peace prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, to cancel his appearance at UN General Assembly of September 19: in its place, State Councilor -who governs with same military that fought for decades since winning election in 2015 - and will feature an appearance different: it will be his first televised speech to nation since offensive began against Rakhine and he will address his efforts to promote "national reconciliation and peace".

The minister of State, burmese, leader de facto of country and Nobel peace prize laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi. LAM YIK FEIGETTY

The challenged policy, that has become a major focus of criticism and snub international with his deep contempt for lives of rohingya -one of minorities most persecuted in world: in Burma will not recognize his name, or right to nationality - denied crackdown and accuses "terrorist extremists" to create "an iceberg of information", and to international community of colluding with rohingya. What is certain is that Suu Kyi lacks, according to Constitution, competence in Security: a military leader and de facto leader of burma general Min Aung Hlaing, commander-in-chief of Armed Forces. In Burma, Army continues to control 25 percent of Parliament, and because any constitutional change requires a 75% of votes, has a de facto right to veto, leaving in ir hands real control of a country under military Junta for half a century.

In current crisis, protection that it will offer China and Russia in Security Council has avoided that in meeting yesterday is to go beyond a simple "condemnation" towards Naypyidaw.

In neighbouring Bangladesh, situation is "catastrophic", as defined Guterres after meeting of Security Council. The lack of physical space for new refugees - poor country has already hosted between 400,000 and half a million rohingyas fled from repression before it - and many are obliged to remain on foot of highway, without a place to go, without access to food, running water or toilets. Dhaka has announced that it will release land for erection of a new refugee camp, but as y arrive, torrential rains leave traumatized refugees in middle of a quagmire.

The distribution of humanitarian aid is chaotic, and are many NGOS that have guards armed with sticks to beat refugees in your particular attempt to maintain order during delivery. "I would rar die at hands of burmese Army to die beaten by a bangladeshi," said a refugee, cited by press. Journalists have also denounced abuses of refugees, especially of children, who rush on roads before any sign of distribution of humanitarian aid. The NGOS, unable to respond to human tide, y are afraid that first outbreaks of diarrhea and or diseases spread among rohingya.


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