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California declares itself the " State of sanctuary "

Despite the threats of the administration to Trump, the elect of the "golden state" have decided to restrict the contacts between the local police and the federal agency in charge of deportations of undocumented migrants.

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California declares itself the
California has declared a "State of sanctuary" to protect immigrants in an irregular situation. If cities that are "sanctuaries" are now hundreds in United States, a result of commitment of administration to Trump to expel undocumented migrants, it is first State to decide to adopt this name – much maligned by federal government – on whole of its territory.

a Few hours before close of parliamentary session, Saturday, September 16, Senate of State most populous in country (39 million inhabitants, of which 38 % of Latinos) has adopted bill, SB54, which was subject of a lively debate for months. It limits contacts between police services of local authorities and federal police, who, in United States, is in charge of immigration. In case of violation of code of road, for example, agents will not be able to ask offenders to present ir residence in United States.

A text-sweetened

The text, called "Law on values of california" was approved despite opposition of shériffs republicans and threats of administration to Trump to cut subsidies to entities that are " sanctuaries ". The democratic governor Jerry Brown should enact, as much as it has been significantly watered down, at his request, compared to initial version, supported by associations for defence of undocumented migrants, and presented a month after election of Donald Trump.

In a first time, it was a question of prohibiting local communities to use least resource to share information, or stop undocumented immigrants unless y are suspected of serious crimes. In fine, text authorizes police to immigration (ICE) to enter into prisons of counties to interrogate suspects. The local police will also be able to share ir information, and to transfer illegal immigrants to federal authorities if y have been convicted in preceding 15 years for one of 800 crimes or offenses detailed in anor law (California Trust Act), including drunken driving and illegal possession of a firearm. If shériffs remained opposed to text, compromise has been deemed acceptable by association of chief police officers.

For opponents, California capital Gains act is a sign of laxity, in words of police director of immigration, Thomas Homan, " endangers safety of Californians ". The elected officials have " put politics before safety of public ", he responded. On Twitter, calls avengers have multiplied, calling on m to remove all federal funding to State, sixth largest economy in world.

2.7 million undocumented in California

The vote is a furr confirmation of role it intends to play – California State, which has some 2.7 million undocumented migrants- of leader of "resistance" to administration Trump, particularly on immigration. Outraged by threats of republican president to put an end to six-month program called DACA, which protects young "dreamers" brought here by ir parents before age of 16 years, governor Brown and members of parliament have taken emergency measures on 12 September. 30 million dollars have been made available to help young people renew ir status before it drops bombshell.

Everywhere, associations offer help and funding of costs of case. On 800 000 young people concerned by decision announced by Mr. Trump on September 5, 220 000 are located in California, is a "dreamer" on four. 4,000 young people enrolled on various campuses of university of California are granted this status. As has been said by president of senate Kevin de Leon, it is not a question of "let xenophobic tendencies of an individual" (i.e. Trump) to question " progress made in California to integrate migrants ".

More generally, officials in california are calling for a "right of exception" on immigration. In 1970s, when State was overwhelmed by car pollution, it was granted right to regulate itself with quality of air. It is this which has enabled him to be at forefront on environment. Today, some claim same exception on immigration. Among ideas : creating a status of " resident of Golden State ", for example, which would not be valid in rest of United States, but reflect unique history of settlement of California.


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