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Can Madrid defend the self-determination referendum and "solidarity" with the Catalan people

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Can Madrid defend the self-determination referendum and "solidarity" with the Catalan people

The act in favor of referendum calls struggle for right to decide

The Madrid city Council claims that suspend act pro-1-Or in contravention of Constitution and judge upholds his decision

Dozens of people have collapsed this morning entrances to Theatre in Neighborhood, in heart of Lavapiés, where it has held event to support self-determination referendum of 1st of October, declared illegal by Constitutional Court. Members Can Madrid have supported event, organized by platform "Madrileños por el derecho a decidir", which have also been present representatives from Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), CUP and entities separatists as National Assembly Catalan (ANC) and Omnium Cultural.

The deputy in Assembly of Madrid Isabel Serra has participated as a speaker and has criticized in his speech "judicialization of politics". In addition, it has argued that issue of Catalonia "is not national", but about "a crisis of democracy."

"We are here because in past few days is producing a turn authoritarian and we believe that against this we must stand in solidarity with Catalan people, to defend ir right to decide ir future freely, and to defend rights and liberties of all, also in Madrid, Basque Country and Andalusia," he said.

In this sense, Joan Tarda, mp of ERC in Congress, -that has come with arm in a sling for a broken shoulder - he has insisted that "what is at stake now is not right to decide, what is at stake is democracy.

But in event not only has re been criticism of performance of Government of Spain to query secessionist and opinions expressed se days by popular leaders, like president of Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes.

it has Also rejected position adopted by PSOE and role of Constitutional Court and of bodies and State Security forces. In opinion of Núria Gibert, of CUP, y are all "necessary collaborators of bunker 78".

"we Knew that nationalists never were and exchanged eagle for seagull, and some by rose," exclaimed Natalia Esteve, vice-president of National Assembly Catalan, in his turn of word.

For his part, president of Omnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has insisted that " best response to this repression and attacks on freedom of expression" is catalans come out massively to vote next October 1.

big absent of The act has been singer-songwriter and member of parliament for Junts pel Yes Lluis Llach. In its place, Juanjo Anaya has taken to streets with his guitar to finish act of singing L'estaca, a mythical song Llach that became an anm franco at end of years 60. There waited a large group of people that followed different interventions over pa. to 20 minutes of commencement of this event because it was impossible to enter atre, which has capacity for only 132 people.

Citizens is critical of we Can

The spokesperson of Citizens in City of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has stated today that we Can "always" has been "crutch of pro-independence", in allusion to his presence in an act in favor of 1-O, and he was criticized that divide citizens instead of solving problems that "are of concern to all".

speaking to reporters at The Slaughterhouse, where y are celebrating "FestiBal with B Bike" in framework of European Mobility Week, Villacís has assured that it is a "disgrace" that political representatives "are not in favor of legality", and not worry about "real problems of Spain" as are corruption and unemployment.

Has asked pro-independence will not be presented as "victims" because y "deny democracy" and only feel comfortable with "people who disagree with m" and has stated that Government is doing "everything we can do."


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