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Canada, one dollar per gram fee: Trudeau plan to legalize marijuana

Tax taxes weigh for 10 percent of the purchase price. They serve to finance the distribution for recreational purposes and controls but must ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 02:33 - 144 reads.

Canada, one dollar per gram fee: Trudeau plan to legalize marijuana
A market price from ten dollars per gram and a fee of ten percent. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presented his plan to proceed next year with legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. Its detailed plan, illustrated to leaders of ten provinces of country, seeks to reconcile need to ensure fiscal revenue to pay government costs of distribution and controls, but without raising costs that risk to raise Clandestine market. Trudeau reported that according to estimates of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. Sales revenue could reach $6 billion by 2021. But premier knows that he has to negotiate with provincial leaders, on whom weigh costs of equipping a retail distribution system and training police to boost roadside controls against driving under influence of marijuana. Charges for which, said Trudeau, local governments demand to increase fiscal weight of sale. "The burden of legalization and its implementation will be supported by provinces and I believe that lion's part of form of revenue should be concluded with provinces," said Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil after Ottawa meeting with Trudeau. But head of federal government stressed that total taxation cannot be so heavy as to keep alive black market: It is, he said, to make sure that governments "protect our children" from illicit vendors. According to Cam Battley, executive vice president of Aurora Cannabis INC, currently a gram of illegal cannabis costs between 8 and 10 dollars throughout Canada, he said.


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