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Carmena reiterates, within three days of testifying, that Carlos Sánchez Mato, and Celia Mayer "not imputed"

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Carmena reiterates, within three days of testifying, that Carlos Sánchez Mato, and Celia Mayer "not imputed"

The mayor has stated that "only seeing procedure and reading instructions you see re is no imputation no"

The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, has reiterated Friday that selectmen Carlos Sánchez Mato, and Celia Mayer, who state this Monday, accused of embezzlement of public funds, trespass and offences corporate offences after a complaint to Prosecutor's office signed agreement between City and Mutua Madrid Open, "are not charged".

"re is nothing more to follow a bit legal proceedings to know that those partners are not imputed. I don't have more to say", stated councillor during his visit to Infant School 'La Patria Chica'.

To mayor of capital, "only seeing procedure and reading providences, which are very interesting, you see that re is no imputation no".

The Popular Group in town Hall of Madrid filed a complaint against two councillors, as well as against Ana Varela, in ir capacity as directors of Madrid Destination, by "trespass" and "misappropriation of public funds" in order of two external reports for reporting alleged irregularities and criminal in agreement signed by City of Madrid in time of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Madrid Trophy Promotion (MTP), responsible for organisation of Mutua Madrid Open.

In relation to grounds of complaint, spokesman of PP in Town hall, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, explained that his group decided to submit this complaint directly to court to be "serious" and "well-characterized from point of view of criminal". In addition, he explained that transgression would be as a result of lack of justification of report ordered, "beyond obvious political motive".

Carmena, Mato & Mayer

Carmena has always argued that Mato and Mayer have not been "imputed" and has always insisted that "he has never stopped trusting in m." "When you have a team of yours along what happens it says but to me it means a structure of distrust," he said.

in Addition, Carmena said that contract of Open "is not made to toe" because "in framework of Madrid Destination it is possible to employ different routes to administration."

on or hand, mayor pointed out that when a person is accused of a crime of corruption, must put ir post at disposal of ors, but in this case, reiterated that "re is no accusation, no".

"I find it very surprising that y think that an offence of trespass has to do with crime of corruption," said n Manuela Carmena, who said that " transgression has nothing to do with corruption".

Carmena "builds an artifice," according to PP

The spokesman of Municipal Group of PP in town Hall of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has ensured that Carmena lies and "constructed artifice" by ensuring that selectmen Carlos Sánchez Mato, and Celia Mayer are not imputed, and that, after that declare this Monday, comproborá if you follow "keeping".

in view of statements of mayor of madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida has ensured that "when you see paper on Monday comes, you have to sign up to ir leaders saying that y have a right not to testify against mselves, that y need a lawyer... we'll see if it continues to sustain this lie, which takes a holding from which met imputation."

in Addition, spokesman of PP in city Council, has asked sarpanch that "don't isolate yourself from what you think in street", because " people on street know that y are charged".


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