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Catalonia, Ada Colau & #x3a; "After the violence with Rajoy you can not ò treat"

The Barcelona trade union explains how from the tomorrow meeting of the Zaragoza Manifesto you can get to an alternative government: "That" >04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 11:03 - 32 reads.

Catalonia, Ada Colau & #x3a;
Barcelona -"Tomorrow re will be second meeting. The Manifesto signed in Zaragoza on 24 September was first step of a political project that aims to arrive at an alternative to Rajoy government. It is a hand stretched to Socialists of Pedro Sanchez. Only a new government can deal with Catalonia, by now, after violence of last Sunday. " Ada Colau, Barcelona Union, draws scenario on day of general strike in its region and on eve of meeting on Catalan case to parliament of Madrid to which you will not be present, and to European Parliament. The full interview today on newsstands on Repubblica. " A negotiation that leads to a referendum agreed between Spain and Catalonia is only way out of this dangerous situation. The unilateral declaration of independence is not a solution, it would certainly lead to suspension of Catalan autonomy by central government with consequences that no one can imagine. It serves n-explains-a government able to deal with Catalan Generalitat, and this is not government of Mariano Rajoy ". Vote Catalonia: Policemen against citizens in Urban guerrilla day in Barcelona share and continues: "What he did Rajoy through his Poliz IA is before eyes of world: he has used violence to helpless citizens who have never reacted. Is democracy perhaps repression of helpless citizens? I ask Europe of Altino Spinelli. He and his deputy Saenz de Santamaria have had nerve impudent to deny what whole world has seen. "read also: King Felipe defends Spain but silent on ViolenzeLa Union has already appealed to responsibility to Psoe. Now reiterates: "Pedro Sanchez knows that a Socialist party cannot support a government that exerts violence. It is a sad spectacle to see socialist voters disoriented by a leadership that is silent in face of brutality. The repression of popular will is not in ir Dna. Sanchez must uncheck, must move. Until it does situation remains paralyzed, hovering over a huge danger. " Colau has voted white Card, is not in favor of independence but, says: "I am in favour of rights and freedoms. Voting must be possible, always. Catalonia must be able to vote. How can politics not listen to voice of people? "


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