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Catalonia gave a history for independence

Spain ’d A Catalonia autonomous management leader Carles Puigdemont said the vote will be completed in the referendum and declare independence when official results are announced. Felipe, the King of Spain, accused the administration of the Barcelano by going out of the law.

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Catalonia gave a history for independence
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Carles Puigdemont, leader of Catalan Autonomous administration, who interviewed BBC at British Broadcasting Agency, stated that voting process was scheduled to end on weekend and will take action at latest next week. Following referendum, Catalan leader Puigdemont said y were not meeting with Spanish government, saying that a possible intervention of Madrid administration in its territories would be "an extremely big mistake". The King of Spain, Felipe de Catalunya, was first to evaluate independence referendum held on October 1st. Spain's King Felipe, who criticised administration of Catalonia in a harsh language, said that administration in Barcelona is out of law. King Felipe stressed that region and all of Spain's economic and social stability are compromised and that it is state's responsibility to plant constitutional order. The Supreme Court of Spain, police chief of Catalonia, decided to testify under "Sedition Incentive" investigation. The Spanish economy minister also made a statement to worry about referendum crisis of Catalan companies and bank customers He said he didn't need to.


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